Behind The Scenes with BTS | The (Getting Back to) Tonight Show – Ep. 8

Published on August 31, 2021

BTS and Jimmy reminisce about their favorite moments together on The Tonight Show, from the band’s iconic Grand Central performance of “ON” to competing in the Fortnite challenge.


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  • 지민Jams 2 years ago

    They’re heading to the us for September so reunion?? Who knows?

  • GigiGLovesBTS 2 years ago

    I’m crying to see Jimmy Fallon love our BTS just as much as we do!!! Please have them back on your show soon!!! IN Person would be so amazing!!! We miss them so much!!! Thank you so much!!! We all saw that little smirk in the end Jimmy, we’re you hinting at something??? Please have them soon!!!

  • Butter Dna 2 years ago

    thank you jimmy

  • EshaalV14 2 years ago

    One of the reasons I respect Jimmy Fallon, he seems someone who really know true talent & not biased about artists. The way he respect the boys & their music is amazing. On top of it he doesn’t go with the flow by choosing hyped songs like Butter or PTD or Dynamite. He actually like a B-track (Fly To My Room) song which means he listens to them. Thank you Jimmy may your show prosper & we get to see BTS many many many times.


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