Barkhad Abdi On The Refugee Crisis – CONAN on TBS

Published on December 6, 2017

Barkhad and his family were living in war-torn Yemen when they got their U.S. visas through the green card lottery — a program that Trump has said he wants to end.

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  • Dwight E morgan 1 year ago

    Interesting interview…

  • Barcalife35 Captain fantastic 1 year ago

    look at me, Im on Conan now

  • Lucky Llama 1 year ago

    Keep it going. Well said.

  • Dylan Melvin 1 year ago

    I am the captain now

  • noora 1 year ago

    The fuck’s a green card lottery?

  • TAR ICO 1 year ago


  • Bufriot 1 year ago

    I’m a migrant myself and yet I wouldn’t advise receiving 99% of the people that would like to come here, so while for certain individuals is massively important being able to work and develop in a Western society, the raw mathematical calculations indicate that it’s ultimately not worth it! Though I do agree that a more streamlined and discriminatory way of vetting people must be used. Makes no sense to receive a mother and her children if those would grow up without the proper structure (which in a different country is almost guaranteed) and end up blowing people up, just because it’s “for the children” yet turn your back at a very inquisitive young adult male that could really develop and help out himself, the adoptive country and ultimately his home country as well.

    You have to appeal to reason not emotions when dealing with waves of people trying to get in!

  • L-Dog The Great 1 year ago

    I haven’t seen him since Captain Phillips ,good to hear he is still working

  • Heil The all father 1 year ago

    Ohh that’s so easy. Just let everyone in, let them on welfare, breed like rabbits and in 50 years time everyone will be eating each other.

  • Charlie M. 1 year ago

    You came here and became a criminal Barkhad that’s not what we want! For the sake of a healthy society we don’t need immigration in the first place but the people coming should at least be law-abiding future Americans and not thugs.

  • Öööö 1 year ago

    No thanks

  • Rytis K. 1 year ago

    This problem is too compilcated for me so I don’t think about it. I wish the world would be one huge country and in extreme situations this whole country would help. Now we have supercountries with dictatorships or strange democracy that elects Trumps and then middle class countries and then shitty countries. Again, it’s too complicated for me so I’m gonna eat a pie, jerk off or play some video game.

  • TOM haapalahti 1 year ago

    Run away from your problems. That’s the solution to your problems, right?

  • flameski 1 year ago

    YES to refugees.
    NO to economic migrant opportunists!

  • drakeanton2000 1 year ago

    You guys are seeing what is going on in Sweden and Europe right? I can’t believe people actually want to let these people in when all they would do is cause chaos. Americans handle their own problems they don’t run.

  • Faddoucha Alg 1 year ago

    “The American Dream” more like the American nightmare ..

  • nomoremaybes 1 year ago

    imagine wanting to live around Africans hahahahahahaa

  • krlitos 1 year ago

    how is so difficult to understand, you cant let everyone in, you cant help everyone. Is not our problem that Yemen is a shithole and is a warzone. Is sad, but there are no jobs for everyone, we need to take care of our own first. LA for example have many homeless already that could use help, work. Sure would be nice and cool to help everyone but is not possible, if they want a better life why they dont fight for their country and make it prosperous.

  • AxelL No1 1 year ago

    When you have no idea about the scale, watch the “immigration and gumball” video. Than consider that 60x more people could be helped near their homelands compared what they get in the western countries. Also there is the minimal the danger of unnecessary cultural tensions. This means when the social services eventually collapse and western countries are no longer able to help at all, than 59x as many people will be without any help at all! That is an inevitable humanitarian catastrophe. This practice also destroys the west in the meantime, responsible for terror, rape, all kinds of violence partly because cultural differences. It also hurts those who were lured with money to come, who’s countries were destabilized for the same reason. This is not about humanitarian values. Quite the opposite. These criminal elite cause suffering all over the world so they can achieve their political goals in the west. Utterly disgusting and everybody who assist to this!


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