Barack Obama Goes Back To The White House | GOP Threatens Disney’s Tax Breaks

Published on April 5, 2022

America got a brief reminder of what hope and change look like when former president Obama visited the White House today, while Republicans continue to target Disney over the company’s support for LGBTQ rights in Florida. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • ted zehnder 1 year ago

    Maybe he can wake up Mr. Biden

  • Gr. Vo. 1 year ago

    Shhhhhhh. For any lame ass who doesn’t think there is a deep state and Barrack is not calling the shots, than I have a “Russian Collusion Delusion” conspiracy to sell you. Crowbert is a paid Shillboy, and YES there is a “Clap Now” prompted “laugh track” for the sheep who are there. Read 1984 People. The first ever SC appointed Woman, who cannot EVEN, describe what a biological “woman” is.

  • Stuart Smith 1 year ago

    So refreshing to watch this show. It’s like shows from over 2 years ago. No talk of Covid or Ukrainian-Russian war! I can watch that on the news networks like CNN and RT. Thank you Stephen and writers!

  • Seth Butler 1 year ago

    A nice little Jon Batiste easter egg: when Stephen said “Stabby”, Jon played the jazz standard “Mack the Knife”. 🙂

  • Kris 1 year ago

    Biden needs a boost in the polls… maybe try dealing with one of America’s real problems, voting rights, minimum wage rises, finally prosecuting Trump… any of these things sound familiar?

  • KJ PC Gaming 1 year ago

    If I owned Disney I would temporarily shutter Disney World. Remember Disney World is a HUGE HUGE HUGE amount of money in Florida. Local businesses, hotels, gas stations – not to mention the hundreds of jobs just at Disney alone – the taxes they pay – shut it down let Florida deal with their idiotic laws on their own. Move Disney World to North Carolina – they could use the infusion of cash 🙂

  • Craplatte 1 year ago

    Stephen forgot Bathsalty when he listed Florida dwarfs.

  • Penny Lane 1 year ago

    This messaging app is so fucking dystopia.

  • Steve Winter 1 year ago

    Love Southern Accents Steven

  • Ce'irth McRand 1 year ago

    Yeah Republicans. Take on Disney. They literally have more power than your entire fucking political party and the (sometimes unwilling) support of the entire world. But go on and take them on. I’ll enjoy watching each and every last one of you losing your jobs

  • Mark Campbell 1 year ago

    Water treatment plants guys

  • E 1 year ago

    Fortunately, there is no shortage of euphemisms for bathroom.

  • nuanced 1 year ago

    So sad to see how Biden is doing such great work and still not getting any recognition. The revitalization of Nato’s alliance and trust in the US, nominating Jackson, getting out of Afganisthan, keeping China in its place without the overt song and dance – all that is Biden’s doing.

  • Jeno 1 year ago


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