Bank Bailouts | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on March 17, 2023

Andrew Yang and Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) join Bill to discuss the banking scare that’s currently sweeping the nation.

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  • Graham Bell 7 months ago

    Call bullshit on both. The deal was banks paid, and thereby forced their depositors to pay, for insurance up to 250,000. Giving them unlimited credit for what they have not paid for – well, that is on the tax payers dime. And they just said to all banks, play however risky you want, give bonuses, go wild, ultimately the Treasury and tax payer, we got your back.
    And for Signature bank – it wasn’t even money. It was crypto! Play money.
    It’s a bailout. Do you see big banks rushing in and back stopping? Hell no. All the Peter Theils of the world run to the bought Congressmen and cry, waaaah, our money went bad, you must save us. We lost money! Capitalism is not so great when we lose. No government for little people but socialism for the rich for us.
    Slotkin and Yang both sure the hell lost my vote. Did they hold the rich to the rules? OF COURSE NOT. And Bill, you’ve learned nothing from all the bank bailouts.
    Anyone going to jail? OF COURSE NOT.

    Hey Yang, where was your money? Tech bro?

  • The Rakshasan 7 months ago

    I hope Justice is served against the Silicon stock fraud and bank crash go to jail . And isn’t the 4 people in the Invest committee that sold their stocks just as well as the CEO . That investment committee were the ones to get the bank ionto the mess. Will they ever be punished for their crimes ? My guess NO . Why ? Because they are not male .

  • Msisles62 7 months ago

    No bank can withstand a run. This was pure panic by the depositors that snowballed. Sure the bank had unrealized losses, but they had collateral, but were forced to sell at a loss. Banking is a risky business, deposits are loaned out and hope they get paid back.

  • khatdubell 7 months ago

    Yang, as expected, is being completely disingenuous here.
    He makes it sound like the average joe is “getting their money back”
    The average joe doesn’t have over 250k, let alone in a single bank.
    The FDIC insures all accounts up to that much.
    I’m going to write this in all caps for the people in the back


    Joe was already good.

  • PNW Techie 7 months ago

    Bill didn’t understand that no one got a bail-out so that means most people don’t grasp that. The assets of the bank are sold to pay back the depositors. The share-holders are the only ones who lost money but taxpayers didn’t pay for this (FDIC insurance covers whatever assets don’t cover the deposits)

  • khatdubell 7 months ago

    “its not taxpayer dollars”

    Who, the fuk, do you think pays those fees and fines?
    Magical unicorns?

  • Safe Space Cafe🍁 7 months ago

    The nerd in me awaits eagerly for these clips, every Friday night!!!

  • chester 7 months ago

    Does Yang just hang out around the show in case someone cancels? He’s been on a lot.

  • Astarath 7 months ago

    Andrew Yang is wrong. Deposits over $250k shouldn’t have been covered. This just means there’s preferred banks and non-preferred banks, or FDIC needs a lot more funding. And Elissa Slotkin is wrong too – the money is ultimately raised by the selling of government bonds, the interest of which is paid by the taxpayer. So yes, taxpayers are indeed once again footing the bill. This is just the rich taking care of the rich once again and pretending it’s about the everyman. It isn’t. It’s just another wealth transfer.

  • M K 7 months ago

    the government never bailed out home owners but they did enjoy evictions/foreclosures on behalf of the banks

  • Illustrious_Caveman 7 months ago

    Funny how this segment ends with both politicians advocating for the backstop because it the “banks money” which somehow excuses them from accountability for creating a crisis in the first place? I’d bet they both get healthy campiaign contributions form big banks.

  • Dave Z Man 7 months ago

    Bill. You going woke?
    You didn’t respond to the Bs .

  • Saxon Woods 7 months ago

    Yang is a fraud and grifter- the audience clapping like trained seals is nauseating

  • Betty Riley 7 months ago

    Remember the Occupy Wall St. movement back in 2011 when the people protested corruption in the banking system ? Bill and some of his guests laughed and jeered. And so did the mainstream news outlets at the time. Had those people been taken seriously, we would not be going through this again. This is PRECISELY why they stood out there for 50 days. And as it turns out … they were right to do so, because here we are AGAIN. The madness will never end because when people take a stand against it …they are laughed at, and brutalized by the police. I fail to see the humor….it’s not funny….it’s TRAGIC.

  • Chrono Cross 7 months ago

    Go woke go broke

  • Dan Cook 7 months ago

    Bill needs to just call himself a republican always looking to take the side of the Republican come on they kick out democrats at their events Bill pretends to not see


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