Bad Timing: 2022 NRA Convention

Published on June 3, 2022

Amy Hoggart travels to Houston to talk to attendees of one of the most poorly timed events in history – the annual NRA convention – taking place 300 miles away and only four days after a mass school shooting in Uvalde.

This piece was produced by Todd Bieber with Ishan Thakore and edited by Andrew Mendelson.



  • Danielle Matthews 8 months ago

    Audacity of all of you.

  • Boar Stud 8 months ago

    It’s the fallout from GOP policy making!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valdagast 8 months ago

    I mean, y’all have a mass shooting once a week so when _is_ a good time for an NRA conference?

  • neil barber 8 months ago

    Blame teachers? Arm teachers? These people are pathetic dim wits who don’t even know what the 2nd amendment says . Their destroying America to own the libs . how insane is that.

  • d.r t 8 months ago

    Wow, a convention of low lifes.
    Sasha Barron Cohen & nra, greatest YouTube video ever.

  • d.r t 8 months ago

    “he went to law school” ? In jail??

  • Mama Duck 8 months ago

    i love you, Ms Hoggart and team. Thank you. I’m a 52yo Aussie who, like most sane people in the developed world, gaze with despair and collective trauma since COLUMBINE at the disgusting antics of the GOP, their megadonors NRA and their puppetmaster, the propagandist billionaire Rupert Murdoch who profits from the military/armaments industrial complex. Times are a changing but not fast enough for the 40000 Americans who die annually from gun violence. Never vote Republican, ever, please, America, you’re killing us all.

  • Rosalio Fetalbo 8 months ago

    The gun convention is just plain insensitive and shameless.

  • Ivo 8 months ago

    Great reporting, so clever and funny. If she would team up with Jordan Klepper, that would be a dream team!

  • sharplessguy 8 months ago

    Incredibly well written

  • Cuss Bunny Sid 8 months ago

    Amy is getting prettier

  • Roth Loaf 8 months ago

    It’s 4:25AM in GD Texas right now. I rolled over in bed after nodding out during a *oh if I could just get my hands on Cruz* txt chat with friends… Sigh. I’ll have to watch this later.
    Amy is a trooper. Total respect.

  • Adrian Colley 8 months ago

    5:54 “How do you pick which bit to know? Is it the bit that supports your beliefs?” “Yes”
    Genius! He doesn’t even know he’s on the Dunning-Kruger end of the learning curve.

  • Joesej 8 months ago

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary for a free state, the people’s right to bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Didn’t look it up, could be slightly off.

    There’s also a couple clauses in the constitution that mention that congress should regulate (including training) and arm that militia and be able to recall that militia when they want.

    Sounds a lot like the national guard to me.

  • Tutelary 8 months ago

    Then I heard two accidents but the second had more people, Then came those saying, Help us that we may
    save them. The word of the Lord came to me saying “NO, They are All Dead and All will Be Dead soon. The flesh
    will not be saved, give them Absolution to those who will receive it and Save the Soul.”

  • Cormac Mc Coy 8 months ago

    Amy’s delivery on these questions…. perfect :D:D

  • Kim B 8 months ago

    The 2.amendment from 1791 !!! How about an update ??!! And join the rest of the world in the 21.century.

  • KillerRabbit 8 months ago

    impressed by the actors. must be hard to play a character that is so braindead, ruthless and selfsentered.

  • Ben Secaur 8 months ago

    More of her and her style of doing things. I could watch this stuff all day.

  • Trina Dugger 8 months ago

    This needs to be broke into tik toks ..these people need to be exposed


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