Back in My Day: White Claw, Coronavirus

Published on January 30, 2020

Seth reminisces about a simpler – albeit recent – time when the New York Times didn’t endorse two candidates.

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  • Sam Lee 12 months ago

    This just gets more hilarious each time.

  • mic Smith 12 months ago

    Back in my day there was none of hootn about social security, dmv, welfare, laws just me workn for da corporate rich mans making a livins.? we’s ain’t even haves electricities fors da da da movin pictures yalls call televisions now wit da television man on screen and clicking and clacking. You could just steal peoples land and enslave and do genocides them wit no Geneva laws, oh man the good ol days. Yous aint even need epstein thens the churches and bankrupt indebt monarchs dids alls the works for ya.

  • Andrew Smith 12 months ago

    Not a single US media source going to denounce racism against the Chinese and the widespread sinophobic statements that are not backed by evidence?

    On the 75th Anniversary of the Holocaust no less

  • KokoroNoKawari 12 months ago

    Good stuff

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 12 months ago

    Back in my days, we were more worried about the plague making a comeback

  • Jamal Jenkins 12 months ago

    Been there done that re: missing that turnoff before the GW Bridge. Same response as dear old Dad …

  • W T 12 months ago


  • James Myers 12 months ago

    Strain of Trump is killing the writing on LNSM all of em, really. They must know they’re getting worse.

  • Iafiv Iv 12 months ago

    Does anyone actually use a pipe anymore?Even old people are probably like ‘that’s only for really old people’ and does anyone in NYC dress like that anymore?

  • LowfDog 12 months ago

    The dog is only there to mess with the newly legal marijuana users of Illinois.

  • FATLACES THEDON 12 months ago

    Just gonna put Mrs. Rigby on blast?

  • TheSaucysDead113 12 months ago

    Always good

  • Jesus Flores 12 months ago

    Isn’t this a Dana Carvey bit?

  • pixiebells 12 months ago

    This is like Disney’s Carousel of Progress but with more Epstein jokes. Comedy GOLD! ?✨

  • jeremy fridley 12 months ago

    Does Greg Cote know about this?

  • Marius Thefaker 12 months ago

    Back in my day Trump* was a self aggrandizing, race bating, womanizing conman… some things never change ?

  • ServantOfAllah 12 months ago

    ?? this was too funny!????

  • Gilmore Mccoy 12 months ago

    SETH is my favorite comedian along with Gary Owen, so funny ??.

  • Cymbolic Human 12 months ago

    Back in my day, The Iranian government held a whole bunch of hostages until
    Reagan was voted into office. Jimmy Carter was a decent president too.

  • teonna weakfall 12 months ago

    I know about the vodka in the Poland spring bottle. Shoot any water bottle ???


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