Back in My Day: James Webb Telescope, Inflation

Published on July 27, 2022

Seth reminisces about a simpler – albeit recent – time when colleges weren’t offering classes on Harry Styles.

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  • Luke N 2 years ago

    Harry Styles and every other celebrity is just a person. I know the guys from the band he was in when he went to the One Direction auditions. He got in, his good friend and band mate didn’t. Never saw or heard from him again and didnt help out the band he left behind. Pretty shitty imo.

    The band was White Eskimo btw. I’m not a Harry Styles fan just someone who met his old mates after he left them high and dry.

  • lifewuzonceezr 2 years ago

    Texas State Needs To Teach The Constitution!!

  • Alexander Hay 2 years ago

    back in my day, they started offering classes in college in the klingon (thlingon) language…

  • Vinod Gootam 2 years ago

    Just the best! Love Seth!

  • John Burke 2 years ago

    *Back in my day, Seth didn’t look so tanned…*

  • lifewuzonceezr 2 years ago

    The Hair The Cheek Bones..The Eyes… I HATE men!! Damn you look very sexy

  • Lora Z 2 years ago

    “And we’d have to pretend to see something because the scientists told us it was amazing” so hilarious

  • George Miguel 2 years ago

    I think inflations is causing the current situation we already have now,the prices increases is due to the higher demand of paying out to the employees.The authorities in this country always treat us like children who cannot figure anything out for ourselves.right now venturing into multiple income streams is the best way to survive the current hardship and recession…

  • Prince Hamlet 2 years ago

    is my new go to curse word

  • jujitsujew23 2 years ago

    Back in my day Seth Myers didn’t have a late night show; balderdash. Back in my day he hosting Weekend Update and getting advice from a lovely soft spoken young fella named Stefon.

  • Xooc Boots 2 years ago

    The internet is not your personal army.

  • Michaelle Yoonmin4Life 2 years ago

    Not the first time a class has been offered on a pop musician. Berkley has offered one on BTS for several years & I took one back in the 90s on Elvis. My 19yr old took one last year on the Beatles.

    This was a little more Old Man Yells at Cloud than usual.

  • matthew gewickey 2 years ago

    This is officially the first time I’ve seen Seth full bomb.

  • Zeluth 2 years ago

    Quiet, you!

  • Jambutty 2 years ago

    When I was younger Higher education was available for free to those that wanted to study. We would get proper ecstasy that keep you mellow all weekend. Music would have a message.

  • Renee Minicozzi 2 years ago

    OMG, SETH.


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