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  • Tyrone biggums 8 months ago

    Who is the shithole country now? ???

  • Struggle Gaming 8 months ago

    This is why I vote Bernie.
    Not even Elizabeth Warren gets this deep into the fucking nightmare that is the US healthcare system, were trying to Groupon before emergencies now what the fuck is wrong with this country.

  • Schoppe Petzer 8 months ago

    My dad was diagnosed with cancer few months ago. Since then he had few MRI, CTs, chemo therapy, consultations, second opinions, med transports to/from oncologist, hospital.

    Covered by our health care system. We’re grateful for that.

  • Yira Patricia Aristizabal Peña 8 months ago

    Not even in Venezuela
    or Cuba
    Or Colombia, and we were forced to copied your Healthcare system

  • Eleni 1979 8 months ago

    Who sets these prices? The hospitals in the insurance companies. Why do you think it cost $30 for a goddamn regular strength aspirin.

  • MLG GAMER 8 months ago

    Wow ok Everything costs $100 in his clinic even if the job wasn’t done properly? Well I guess it’s not eating out your pocket but I would think the surgery is done properly. I think that’s what makes it funny though

  • Al Fazri 8 months ago

    Dear Trevor.
    I’m from Indonesia, recently we’ve been shocked by the news that our MENKOPOLHUKAM ( Ministry of Politics Law and Civil Rights) Mr. Wiranto got stabbed on stomach on his Work trip. I wish u can talk about it on your Daily show, i’m aware that it would be inappropriate to bring such thing like this in youtube comments section. But the World need to know, even that we’re shocked at first ,we are “NOT AFRAID” of this so called “Terrorism Act” ,we will stand and rise as Nation to keep fighting on Terrorism Act! Please talk about on your show Trevor. Thank you…

    Note ( fun fact tho) :
    he got stabbed by Kunai ( Japanese Ninja Knife) like the one on Naruto Anime. And the date of this act was Oct 10th which is Naruto’s Birthday. I dont know if its coincidence but i think the terrorist at least has the gut to use Indonesian traditional knife rather than other Nation’s.

  • TooMuchDramaInTheMilkyWay Galaxy 8 months ago

    Our politicians would rather give billion dollar subsidies to Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Tech and spend almost $1 trillion per year destroying the infrastructure in other countries than improve the health care, education systems and infrastructure of our own country.

  • Ann-charlott Berglund 8 months ago

    Sweden : seeing a doctor about 15 dollar per session. Seeing a specialist or ER 30 dollar per session but free after it reaches 230 dollar. Medicine is free after reching 220 dollar. Kids: all medicine or any visit to any doctor or dentist are free up untill they are 18….

  • Tamer M 8 months ago

    Bernie 2020 Medicare for all.

  • Lola D-V 8 months ago

    When a country think it’s the best in the world but won’t even take care of it’s people. I would be sooo in dept if I was living in the US.

  • Armie of One 8 months ago

    This is why my mom won’t take me to the emergency room unless she’s pretty sure I might die…?

  • Joe From Cincinnati 8 months ago

    I am in no way defending insurance companies with this question (I’m for Medicare for all), but doesn’t her plan have an out of pocket maximum? Or do out of network charges not go towards your out of pocket maximum?

  • Channel 59 8 months ago

    F irst
    L ove
    Y ourself

    Everything else will follow

  • ursaltydog 8 months ago

    Lewis Black is Back!

  • Mustashar Chowdhury 8 months ago

    do you think that these strange practices from america’s healthcare system is one of the reasons why so many people are anti vaxxers?

  • Diana Jones-Ramos 8 months ago

    Doctors hate to see me coming. Before they do anything you have to tell me and then I decide whether I need a certain test. They tell me I need the test, who paying for this ,oh me, then no test. $1000 test to tell me something I already know, no thank

  • William Perrow 8 months ago

    Lewis Black is my “Id”. He screams all those things about my healthcare coverage without getting arrested.

  • Chocoholic 4ever 8 months ago

    ? Glad to be living in Scandinavia! No bills ? during or after hospital/clinic/emergency room visits.


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