Back in Black – New York’s Subways Are About to Get Way Worse | The Daily Show



  • 5%LowBattery 2 years ago

    His home town hates Him that much?

  • J B 2 years ago

    You think this is congested? People doing their daily grooming on the subway, in public. Go to New Delhi.

  • Lazy Perfectionist 2 years ago

    “People clipping their nails?”
    “Toenails, too.”
    It’s a little odd, but as long as they’re not trying to clip _my_ nails, I can _live_ with that. It is a bit unfortunate, though, that this is not being paired with an effort to increase the capacity of the NYC subway. For a few _decades,_ now, it has been at capacity.

  • asentzio 2 years ago

    The NYC Subway is such an embarrassing disgrace to the city. Foreigners from all over the world come and are shocked to see our old, decrepit, outdated transport system. I love my NYC but our subway is in serious need of a major overhaul.

  • Vicki Jones 2 years ago

    The subway is already crowded this will be interesting……..

  • Mickey is my Spirit Animal 2 years ago

    I love Lewis Black and his segments “Back to Black” Hilarity at its finest! ?????

  • Justin credible 2 years ago

    That was an aluminum Beam. Not Steel

  • Antonio Montana 2 years ago

    It’s not going to affect me, now that I got my new George Jetson car/briefcase thingamajig?♨️?

  • Marta Bilander 2 years ago

    God thank you for providing me only lift and taxis as my commuting tools ??‍♀️

  • ursaltydog 2 years ago

    So.. NYC needs more money to upgrade their subway system… Going to charge drivers tolls… more tolls.. then drivers just park and use the subway in… NYC herds more people onto already crowded and underfunded subways.. charges passengers more.. and more.. what a brilliant idea.. passengers paying more to be crammed into sardine cans..

  • Ms Wonderfulgem 2 years ago

    I miss NYC! The grass is never greener.

  • jaysen shah 2 years ago


  • J Russ 2 years ago

    I’m a NYC walker! I love the new plan I walk downtown and I hate cars, lights and waiting. Start walking it’s healthier! The air will be better. take a citibike!

  • Jonny B 2 years ago

    That’s SO nuts people are actually fucked in the head enough to use a Subway to transport 30′ beams and fucking potted plants.

  • Lauren Hagenmeyer 2 years ago

    God, but do I love humanoid Grumpy Cat Lewis Black

  • avi gutierrez 2 years ago

    I’m sorry but this road thing in New York a very stupid idea look it if I’d gotten a job in the city trust me I rather used the subways taxis Ubers to get to my place of employment but too many people on the trains and them doing bizarre crap and then bring unusual stuff????????????????????????????????????. What the hell happened to the NYC??

  • Thom Grogan 2 years ago

    The Trump shirt. The new “Ask me about Jesus” fashion.

  • Dr. Genie Greentrees 2 years ago

    Trees on the subway! ???? That was God!

  • Papa Taurean 2 years ago

    Ha! That Lewis Black. What a card!! Always leaves me in stitches.

  • R.N V.H 2 years ago

    I love Lewis Black esp his INTRO! SO MUCH ATTITUDE!! YESSSIIIIRRR! ?


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