Back in Black – New Laws Debuting in 2019 | The Daily Show

Published on January 19, 2019

Lewis Black highlights some notable new state laws, which include a new marriage age in New Hampshire and a crackdown on emotional support animals in Washington.



  • midevilgirl 2 years ago

    I think kid should learn cursive. If only so they can appreciate what they have now.

  • hrjw 2 years ago

    Man i need a service kangoroo!

  • avni ajdini 2 years ago

    it looks like americans care more about animals than they care about people,what a country

  • Elmae 45 2 years ago

    To the pole!!!

  • MLG GAMER 2 years ago

    You know that law that says you gotta write cursive at the end of 5th grade? I learnt how to do that in 3rd grade here in Jamaica. It’s not worse than here. Plus that’s how I learned to right and it’s legible believe it or not. Also that law about pets officially being a part of a family isn’t necessarily bad. As long as it doesn’t screw with what is considered a family to surveyors or anything else then it’s fine.
    Surveyor: Ok how many people do you have in your home
    Me: Four: a wife and two kids and myself
    Surveyor: Do you have a pet?
    Me: No
    Surveyor: I am sorry we can’t consider you a family until you have a pet.
    Me: Seriously? WTF!
    If this doesn’t happen then it should be fine

  • Chef_PC 2 years ago

    Lewis rocking the Bernie Sanders hair….love it!

  • wagdog2 2 years ago

    I resent the mindless trash-talk about Vermont. Unless they ring true, jokes are not funny. The truth is that VT is beautiful.

  • John B 2 years ago

    My guy

  • Aime's WearAbouts 2 years ago

    3:47 I swear white people are strange. In my french class my teacher would say there are 3 people in her family. Her, her husband and their DOG. Wtf

  • Christel Headington 2 years ago

    Late last night,I watched the “Big Bang Theory” with Lewis Black as guest.It is one of the best of the series.

  • theicetea jowl 2 years ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Anthony Oko 2 years ago

    At 3:29 you can here Trevor’s muffle laugh

  • Adrian Colley 2 years ago

    I think Lewis Black needs an emotional support aspirin.

  • cristiano ronaldo 2 years ago

    Lol even trevor gets entertained by Lewis black hahahah

  • Spencer Saltz 2 years ago

    That was facts about bar mitzvahs

  • Rene Villegas 2 years ago

    More back in black…lewis is hilarious

  • Nathan Frantz 2 years ago

    As an Ohioan, I’m ashamed ?

  • Gwendolyn Victorian 2 years ago

    Yeah.. just in case you have to sign your name on a bank account,car loan, house loan, marriage certificate, just to name a few.

  • Kc Nkalari 2 years ago

    That r Kelly joke tho??


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