Back in Black – American Schools Guard Themselves Against Gun Violence | The Daily Show

Published on June 16, 2018

Lewis Black runs down a few of the extreme security measures that schools are using to protect against shootings, including smoke cannons, backpack shields and nursery rhymes.



  • MAJOW STAR 2 years ago

    This guys fair

  • fredrika27 2 years ago

    ROFLOL! Hickery dickery dock! Just blew me away!

  • R Jonboy 2 years ago

    You *don’t* gift wrap a hand job. They should always be grass fed and free range.

  • Nicholas Takahashi 2 years ago


  • jeFF Fury 2 years ago

    Must be fun growing up knowing that you have a fair chance to be shot any day of your life… NOT! And the Orange homunculus goes around the world telling people how they should live. I hope your orange ass gets shot one day

  • Carlton Odom 2 years ago

    Very Sad!

  • Def Misanthrope 2 years ago

    If we don’t enact gun legislation soon, when my generation comes into power, we will clamp down fiercely on guns and gun rights. Millennials are the generation of mass shootings, active-shooter drills, and now bulletproof backpacks. We are tired of living like this.

  • Modus Pwnens 2 years ago

    love that a bunch of foreigners who have no idea how america works or annoying bitches are just complaining about these preventative measures as if anyone claimed they were foolproof. youre not clever when its their only option since republicans are fucked up enough not to do anything about it. dont criticize the schools like a retard and blame the actual problem. i also love these dipshits on their keyboards and armchairs complaining about this but dont actually give good ideas themselves nor get the point of it and arent the types to actually help fight for gun control or vote for changes. unless youre actually doing the work or youre an expert on gun control, id say stfu bcs youre just embarrassing yourself with how pathetic you sound.

  • Andrew Hawthorne 2 years ago

    “Republicans are a party of bad ideas. Democrats are a party of no ideas.”
    -Lewis Black

  • Mustard Seed 1 year ago

    Well said.

  • Luthien Seldomane 1 year ago

    If I had a child that went to one of these schools, they would be home-schooled.

  • Ryan S 1 year ago

    This is fucking insane! You’re kids should not have to go through this. This doesn’t happen anywhere else. Get your shit together America, put your children ahead of your gun fascination. I’m genuinely depressed that this is the situation for these kids.

  • ted bohne 1 year ago

    to bad many of these shootings are fraudulent,

  • Potnios Demetros 1 year ago

    The Dumpest nation on Earth..United Stupids Of America..

  • Blither box 1 year ago

    Is life in captivity fun?   Does a sheep know how stupid it is, really?

  • kingpatch95 1 year ago

    Lewis black has a joke about how he had to deal with the Cold War fallout. So theirs that

  • pernus 1 year ago

    The united states is a fucking failure.

  • Lisa Lisa 1 year ago

    It looks on those kids faces when they got the Kevlar liners was just so sad so sad

  • Whatever Imtold 1 year ago

    Lewis, give me a break. You’re older than me and I remember having to drill for a nuclear blast. Government always wants you to be afraid, be very afraid, of something…so they can protect you!

  • rutabagasteu 1 year ago

    Hiding behind books. DUMB !


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