Ava DuVernay: Trump’s Assault On Portland Isn’t A Republican Vs. Democrat Issue – EXTENDED INTERV…

Published on July 24, 2020

In this extended interview, Emmy and Peabody Award-winner Ava DuVernay, the filmmaker behind such films as “Selma,” and “13th,” joins Stephen for a wide ranging conversation touching on everything from President Trump’s troubling behavior to her memories of sweet moments with the late Congressman John Lewis. Learn more about Ava DuVernay’s new initiative called LEAP, the Law Enforcement Accountability Project, at http://leapaction.org/. #StephenAtHome #AvaDuVernay #LEAP

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  • Chess (4) Rensch, Williams, Batholemew 2 months ago

    I love Stephen Colbert’s salad!!!

  • Pieter Niemandt 2 months ago

    Trump is much larger than the Republican party. It is Trump that made me a Republican. Not the other way around.

  • Nonameman B. 2 months ago

    Thank you Stephen for helping me make it through these 3& some trump years

  • ministerofdarkness 2 months ago

    Get a haircut Stephen!! This hipster look has got to go like Trump’s combover in the wind.

  • Martha Whiteman 2 months ago

    Trump was appointed by God to lead, he has full authority and dominion under heaven to lead and send Trumps to crush insurrection. Portland is demonic and run by atheists, God is using Trump to bring Portland back under the authority of Christ Jesus. Praise Trump for his wisdom and praise his works and his mysterious ways, we don’t know what God is telling him so we must trust and obey

  • Seraph Johanson 2 months ago

    I live in Oregon. I have a lot of friends and family in Portland. Things are scary there. Fascism is blooming in America.

  • Simi822 2 months ago

    I AGREE Assault On Portland Isn’t A Republican Vs. Democrat Issue – its a AMERICA Vs. Communist Issue

  • Adam Gardiner 2 months ago

    A nation born of blood (revolution), that fought a civil war, was always destined for more violence. The chasm between the north and south has been replaced with the the schism between left and right.

  • Jade Ferra 2 months ago

    A mask is unconstitutional but kidnapping is a-ok, welcome to America.

  • BeatlesFanSonia 2 months ago

    If I was a governor or a Mayer of one of those states with people without identification and putting people in unmarked vans, I would arrest them on terrorist charges!

  • Marco R 2 months ago

    14:50 “… this is what our country has supposedly gone into other countries to fight against…”
    Incredible even black folks are this brainwashed, after what they’ve been through in the United Snakes of Amerkkka, to believe such propaganda

  • EricLeafericson 2 months ago

    No uniforms, no self-identification, no way to know that they’re any kind of authority figure.

    For all I know, those two guys in military fatigues grabbing my friend might be MS-13 or something.

    Shoot them. Shoot the secret so-called “police”. How is anyone supposed to tell the difference?

  • Michael Saint 2 months ago

    Steve is so funny I just can’t believe it I sometimes have to wait the tears out of my eyes he must have been a funny kid probably really popular with the girls in school

  • Levi Hawk 2 months ago

    Police, police unions, DA’s and even judges and many juries are tainted … The guilty are wildly undeserved and used and the innocent are often offered up as sacrifices to those in power allowing them to ride on their backs and necks… through their political journeys…. The use of propaganda, myth and down right lies… is how they operate !

  • Cathryn D'Arcy 2 months ago

    We need to either amend the 13th or revoke it, because white nationalists use it to get their power!

  • True Grit 2 months ago

    Haha! Stephen, your hair cracks me up! Bouncin’ and Behavin’! And Ava – boy is she gorgeous!

  • Shamal Stegeman 2 months ago

    of course it’s a republican vs democratic issue … all of these dhs/cbp kidnappers are full on MAGA nutjobs. they are loving the idea of targeting and attacking leftists in ‘democratic run cities’ as trump puts it. there is a reason they are not in fucking palm beach or orange county.

  • gghstlr 2 months ago

    NOTE: publicizing the names of cops that unlawfully kill unarmed Black people will inspire massive support from the many people in this country who want to preserve the system of white supremacy that benefits them. Remember Darren W. who murdered Mike Brown? Just saying Ava, you may need to reconsider the way LEAPaction.org is deployed in this regard.

  • New Message 2 months ago

    It’s not the fact that Cons called us all paranoid for warning that something like this was going to happen when Trump got in that bothers me… it’s that now that it has, they’re loud and proud about it.

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