Autocrats Are On The March “From Moscow to Mar-A-Lago” – Rep. Jamie Raskin

Published on July 26, 2022

Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin returns to The Late Show for a three part interview that begins with a reminder that autocrats and dictators around the world are working together to subvert democratic institutions and ideals. Stick around for two more segments with Rep. Jamie Raskin! #Colbert #JamieRaskin #RepJamieRaskin

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  • Michael 2 years ago

    100 % FOOL and a LIER he is the first corrupt politician to challenge any election lost by democrats, when Hillary lost he tried to overturn the election with false claims, he’s the definition of a hypocrite

  • Pro-Choice Mom 2 years ago

    Autocrats win when feckless neo liberals failthe people.

  • Joanna C 2 years ago

    Congressman Raskin is my hope. Thank you Congressman Raskin for your patriotism.

  • farvision 2 years ago

    How do we expunge Trump forever?

  • JazzRoyalty 2 years ago

    For the love of God : when a guest is a 2, 3 parter, pleaaaaaaaaaase number the parts in the title of the videos so that when it’s scrambled in our subscriptions feed in YouTube we get to watch it in the right order the first time. It’s really annoying…

  • DwayneShaw1 2 years ago

    George Washington voluntarily resigning the power of the presidency is widely regarded as one of the most significant factors in American history – and the history of politics thru out the world. which Republicans say, “Meh …”

  • Raymond Rocha jr 2 years ago

    The USA has always been a democracy!
    And it should always be considered one!
    Dictatorship will never work here!
    Too much death, corruption, division, racism always follows the “strong man!”
    The USA is more powerful when the right people are all UNITED TOGETHER!!
    Never just one person!
    Thank you Jamie Raskin for pointing that out!

  • farvision 2 years ago

    Why are Republicans so stupid that they don’t see they are aiming towards dictatorship???

  • Heather C 2 years ago

    My hero! Those obstructionists in the Senate refused Sarah Bloom Raskin her appointment WITH NO GOOD REASON the effers, The MAGA coup continues. A lot of material even without Pence nor a “John Dean”, nor a “Howard Baker.”

  • Dave Martin 2 years ago

    This man needs to run for president

  • curandero verde 2 years ago

    Trump treats elections like women he doesn’t take no for an answer

  • UncleBernhard 2 years ago

    This is fake bullshit! I’m out! Colbert is nothing but a shill for Amazon!

  • Danrion 2 years ago

    “Ball is in Garland’s court ” . If he has balls to prosecute Trump. This Incompetent guy didn’t even prosecuted a single person in Trump’s circle after 18 months since Insurrection.

  • Gordon Dwyer 2 years ago

    Colberts nightly dose of fearmongering aimed at preventing the Dumbocrats from escaping from the plantation

  • Darla Mowry 2 years ago

    Presdential run for Raskin? Good Democratic choice. A voice of reason on so very many issues.

  • Bernard H 2 years ago

    ..tuti tut browns after six


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