Australia Goes Back Into Lockdown & Pilots Forget How To Fly | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on February 3, 2021

Emailing with vegetables just got a whole lot easier, the first COVID case in 10 months sends Australia into lockdown, and fewer travelers means pilots may need to brush up on their flying skills. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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  • Abdullah Saieed 2 years ago

    to heaven…. supposedly

  • md Nazeer 2 years ago

    please cover indiat farmers protest, aslo Rihanna getting trolled govt troll army for her concerns about human rights violations by the govt.

  • Nell White 2 years ago

    Halfway through winter is groundhog day. A season change is almost here! Party!

  • Jeff Egan 2 years ago

    Can one forget how to drive after so many years? It’s a skill that no one can take away from you. You just need familiarization and refresher course.

  • Prabhath Madhusanka 2 years ago

    Trevor spent so much time in lockdown and forgets to make a Spirit Ariline joke 😒

  • isaac simpson 2 years ago

    *pilot forgets how to fly

    *Slides in CD of Foo Fighters learn to fly

  • Setsuna Kujo 2 years ago

    So we can use spinach to send a signal? Hear me out here:

    1. Hook up each spinach root in a field to a different pixel on a screen
    2. Fire the compound in close proximity to the spinach to turn corresponding pixel on
    3. Successfully port Bad Apple!! using *spinach*

  • Ashay Apurv 2 years ago

    Poor Trevor his views are down since Trump left.

  • The Bog 'Ole 2 years ago

    Plants are already sending emails? And I thought Day of the Triffids was far-fetched. 😉

  • Yakamura Chen Abacar 2 years ago

    trevor said the exact same thing about groundhog day last year.

  • Brent Hollett 2 years ago

    Australia has been into lockdown multiple times in the last few months…

  • Maik Beckmann 2 years ago

    Another reason why Australia has less COVID cases than north America and Europe: It’s summer on the southern hemisphere

  • Prashant Kumar 2 years ago

    Disappointed at Trevor for not pulling off a Spirit Airlines joke

  • Spyke0511 1 2 years ago

    This pilot stuff is normal mistakes even during non pandemic times. Just doesn’t get reported. Thanks Fox News for this hard hitting, yet incorrect information.

  • DIABLO CHORIZERO 2 years ago

    But why not used satellite data

  • Chimera Art 2 years ago

    Pilots:forgets how to fly due to 1yr pandemic
    Steve Trevor:reborn in a diff body in a diff time wow i totally know how to fly this now lets go through those fireworks

  • Sting LikeABee 2 years ago

    Chlamydia Koalas is crazy😂😭

  • Abagail Velez 2 years ago

    This informacion jus blows out my mind, and I, don’t eat spinach,

  • Carina Edel 2 years ago

    Haha I worked at an airport before the pandemic. All the shit pilots do, happens all the time, no matter how often they fly.

  • KaseNash59 2 years ago

    Trevor noah has never been funny and australian leaders have a death wish


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