Attorney General Barr Calls for Sedition Charges Against Protestors

Published on September 18, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, September 17.

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  • Space Force Commander, General ‘Spanky Bonespurs' : 2 years ago

    Did Trump relax some food safety laws knowing that it wouldn’t affect him because he doesn’t eat vegetables? I think so!

  • Aotearoa Whanau 2 years ago

    Charge Trump for sedition. He called for the liberation of Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia and Wisconsin.
    All 4 states followed his own presidential guidelines.

  • underwood_customs 2 years ago

    But I wanted the foam football.

  • demons27 2 years ago

    Seth. Let me introduce to you to a concept called “The #file”. It was introduced by a couple of former L.A. radio Dj’s. The file is all about calling people out for bad jokes. If they do a really bad joke, that joke is filed away and they are branded “the worst joke teller ever”. The only way to take that joke out of the file is that they have to admit that the joke was bad and they have to apologize for making the joke.

    Conan O’Brien has his own section of the file that seems infinite

  • Jardo Diamo 2 years ago

    You should let your writers go. This show is the least funny of all the late shows every on air.

  • arthurneddysmith 2 years ago

    We used to make nervous jokes about Trump and fascism. Now we just watch it unfold over the tops of our masks and hope we won’t be arrested for thinking the wrong way. Thanks, Bill Barr.

  • azae00 Vids 2 years ago

    Still confused as to why trump support love fascism

  • Andrew Johnson 2 years ago

    E Coli is an intestinal parasite from pigs. The cause of E Coli outbreaks is never leafy greens. That’s just the carrier. The cause is factory pig farming.

  • Tim Lester 2 years ago

    Heat Ray: Trump’s personal Mar-a-lago tanning bed, weaponized against a nation.

  • ludicrous one 2 years ago

    The subtitles explain the veggie jokes🤣

  • Inquisitive One 2 years ago

    Trump and his administration are mentally ill people playing a cruel game against democracy, this country, the People. They don’t care about human rights or the Constitution. Driven by cruelty and greed. We are all pawns in this game nationally and internationally. We will all be collateral damage in the sick game.

  • Rebar77 2 years ago

    So is anyone paying any attention to the ‘fact’ trump is replacing ICBM silo technicians with replacement workers from the Nang King Lego division of Shark Week?

  • Victor Rios 2 years ago

    It’s called 5G not heat ray

  • Tori Johanne Lau 2 years ago

    Oh, Seth. Salad puns? Groan.

  • Michael McGinley 2 years ago

    Well the fascist are in control of the law, so it won’t be long before the NAZI party of America has it’s Dictatorship of the Rich.
    Well done on selling your Republic of a Dictatorship, well done.

  • Martin McMartin 2 years ago

    DANGEROUS TERRITORY USA bArr and tRump will oppress any form of resistance and you will get to experience true dictatorship.

  • MAMADUCK 2 years ago

    Barr lied for

  • Chrissie Bawn 2 years ago


  • sirskorge 2 years ago

    You should probably hire a few writers online. :p


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