Athletes & Mental Health: Shifting the Narrative Beyond the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on February 1, 2022

Now more than ever, athletes are speaking up about their mental health in an effort to break the stigma and shift the narrative. In this episode, Roy Wood Jr. sits down with Olympian Ajee’ Wilson and exercise psychology professor, Dr. Leeja Carter, to discuss the specific challenges athletes face, how fans can support athletes, and why female athletes of color like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka are leading the charge when advocating for their own mental health.

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  • Moema Nicolau 1 year ago


  • Freddy-Imani SALUMU 1 year ago


  • hiren Drall 1 year ago

    Look how the Australians broke medvedev mentally. Disgusting!

  • Taylor Tiwari 1 year ago

    This is very interesting, and an important thing to discuss. I think these mentalities start as a child in sports. There’s so much “perfection” expected, and so much punishment for mistakes.

  • Travis Robinson 1 year ago


  • Eneov 1 year ago

    Legit conversation.

  • SUBB FOR SUBB BACK ꪜ 1 year ago

    The irony is that whenever a site becomes “child friendly ” more predators come flocking to it because they know children are allowed there 😚😚😚

  • DroneXFun 1 year ago

    Taking care of your mental health and having a therapist should be a sign of sophistication.

  • Nicholas Sealstern 1 year ago

    Everyone I made a playlist of Beyond The Scene in chronological order

  • Israël Muaka 1 year ago

    I love how Roy introduces the podcast🤣 it just so captivating, funny and catches your interest lol

  • M F 1 year ago

    That is why I love Serina’s reply “I don’t let any of you get to me, because I know you can’t hold a candle to me.”

  • Michael Hinson 1 year ago

    Awesome interview!!! As a white former college athlete I saw this as I was treated differently as the lone white guy yet at the same time saw how and what was said to and about my black teammates.
    Now as a single father of 2 biracial children I make them aware of what they will be faced with based on their complexion. I refuse to let them be less than prepared. Man this interview was so on point. I am and will remain an ally for change of the systemic racism, and mental health issues that plague America and the world!!
    Thanks from NC


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