Ashton Kutcher’s Insane Idea for Punking Billie Eilish

Published on January 29, 2020

James asks Ashton Kutcher about Punk’d coming back with Chance the Rapper as host, and while Ashton doesn’t have a role in the new show, he does have a very big idea on how he would punk Billie Eilish.

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  • Tlade o 2 years ago

    Would love to see that !

  • Mayo 2 years ago

    Since he was on the same show with BTS, he should have taken notes from them on how to be a human and respect others! No one would say anything about his comment because it involves Muslims, plain and simple. Stereotyping people is never okay, it’s not funny no matter what religion you follow, or if you’re not even religious … That was so disrespectful.

  • Ripped Jeans 2 years ago


  • Doom Fire 2 years ago

    his name is Mohammed Ben Salah .

    1-i think he hates Liverpool.

    2-why is that stereotype Hollywood’s go to for a bad guy.
    3-my real name is Mohammed and it hurts everytime.

  • Pablitoxyz 2 years ago

    Seems like Ashton desperately needs some coin.

  • Alaa Aina 2 years ago

    Wow, disappointed at the islamophobic undertones this ‘prank’ has.

  • Michael Mike 2 years ago

    Now They cant do that???

  • idk ? 2 years ago

    Please tell me he was trying to say “Mohamed Ben Salman” meaning the Saudi crown prince….. Please tell me he meant that war criminal and not just saying some random Arab name bc “oooh arab bad guys” and straight up being racist and islamophobic…. because who tf is Ben Salam???

  • shyma waleed 2 years ago

    Not funny

  • deception8055 2 years ago

    Ily Ashton but really the islamophobic undertones in what u were saying is just like wtaf

  • Rain F 2 years ago

    can you please keep your silly jokes away from our beloved prince?
    you have your Trump , hate him or did what ever you want with him

  • Colin 2 years ago

    Billie Eilish would smell a rat from a mile away though ???? she’d literally be like “am I being Punk’d right now” ?

  • Aby 2 years ago

    Love you Ashton!!!! you’re amazing

  • GROWTH ADVISOR 2 years ago

    A day without laughter is a day wasted. That’s why I’m here ????????

  • Kristian179 2 years ago

    or have Sacha Baron Cohen play a new character and punk BTS

  • Sherly Margaretha 2 years ago

    Shit he doesn’t even age

  • khalid khaloodh 2 years ago

    Mohammad bin salam ?? that’s incredibly racist are you suggesting that he’s a terrorist or something that’s disgusting I can’t believe no one stopped him and said hold on what you said was wrong. Mohammad bin salam REALLY is he joking shame on him.

  • Kim Tahyung 2 years ago

    Behind Ashton, i think there is a BTS photo

  • Cademan Caden 2 years ago

    Yeah but she’s too smart to fall for that and NOW (if she sees this clip) she’s gonna think anything awkward that happens is her punking time lol

  • I am love 2 years ago

    Someone is memorized


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