Ashley Park on Her BTS Dreams Coming True, Emily in Paris & Crazy Experience with French Doctor

Published on January 21, 2022

Ashley talks about her character in “Emily in Paris” being fluent in French, her experience with a doctor in France when she got tonsilitis, singing the BTS song “Dynamite” on the show and getting a response from the band.


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  • MJ 8 months ago

    Love her! This girl can SING!

  • sharo xx 8 months ago

    Ohh wow she’s so niceee

  • josecito joseson 8 months ago

    asian meryl streep looks pretty fun

  • Baneen Shehan 8 months ago

    Amazing reaction about BTS lol, of course you deserve the recognition you had.
    I am an army too btw

  • Angela A. 8 months ago

    Ash ! You are super cool, and super cute ! Love your job with Lilly . You are a great singer and a good actress ❤️

  • Jess lyn 8 months ago

    oh wow she came a long way…

  • Julia Chou 8 months ago

    been playing mon soleil on repeat from the show 🙂 so good, love her!

  • Anusha Dewase 8 months ago

    She is absolutely brilliant! And deserves all this fame and so much more!

  • Brianna O'Neil 8 months ago

    Beautiful, talented, intelligent, Angel girl. Obsessed with her gorgeous soul. 💗💗💗

  • Imthemichaelphelpscantswim 8 months ago

    Korean dominating Entertainment and food

  • 12monkeyz 12momekeys 8 months ago

    Are thsee comment made by bots?

  • lahel 8 months ago

    she’s so great.
    i really felt everything she felt when she described how she felt when bts acknowledged her existence.

  • oh its shannon 8 months ago

    omg she is such an army i love her

  • Dahetanay 8 months ago

    To me.. she is the main character is this show.

  • Gogu Ma 8 months ago

    Outfit, hair, nails, earring, everything stunning. Feel very seen seeing a Korean American woman on late night. Get your shine Ashley!

  • Jiwon Kim 8 months ago

    Adorable lady

  • gus gus 8 months ago

    It works! I had a dentist that would pinch and tug a little on my lip when injecting novacaine. Never felt the shot!💉

  • F B 8 months ago

    I love her, but the comments made by Kimmel about bts and the army er prejudiced, misogynistic and demeaning.

  • ahilya b 8 months ago

    Not jimmy comparing BTS to Covid at the end? Calling them dangerous? Do you know how microaggressive this is? And the way you were being extremely misogynist to Ashley just cz she was fangirling? Is it wrong for a girl to enjoy her favourite music act?
    Also when did the fans ever attack you in person jimmy? You should have thought twice before putting bts & omicron together.
    You disappointed me.

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