As US Withdraws from Afghanistan, Refugees Must Be Evacuated Immediately: A Closer Look

Published on August 16, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at the Taliban regaining control of Afghanistan as a 20 year foreign policy disaster that American officials from both parties bear responsibility for comes to a tragic end.

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  • Lane Wetmore 5 months ago

    I’ve never seen evidence of an actual adult person.

  • hope jackson 5 months ago

    Seth I am trying to digest this, with so many of my peers gone, I feel very conflicted with all of this. It is difficult.

  • Beth 5 months ago

    Nice one.

  • Benjamin Hertzog 5 months ago

    W. is a fantastic painter.

  • Big Rod 10 5 months ago

    If I had billions I would invest in refugees and immigrants …it’s a obvious come up .. it’s simple hustlin’ …street knowledge’s capitalism .. u could easily quadruple your money and solve problems but people don’t think 🤔

  • Fek Fekir 5 months ago

    I am but a sheltered soul. A processing centre? How are we still here?

  • Captain TF77 5 months ago

    I am 1400th according to the like button. Irrelevant as that may be it’s the first time that I’ve ever seen it change.

  • bass tard 5 months ago

    Seth meyers should have gracefully stepped down while he was still funny 2 years ago. I seen David spade do Kimmel and I rather have spade over Seth.

  • Botan Hucklebuck 5 months ago

    This guy spoke for 13 minutes and never used the word “Biden”

  • Polymorphic Doombooger 5 months ago

    In the middle of a pandemic in the middle of a global ecological collapse, Biden just dropped a 9 point earthquake.

  • Alex V 5 months ago

    Seth, thank you!!! Needed your humorous spin on this sad situation

  • david lee 5 months ago

    Think. It’s big Afghan poppy fields there and now it’s an opioid epidemic here.

  • T BZ 5 months ago

    7:19 Dubya

  • Leftatalbuquerque 5 months ago

    I wonder if there will be a musical like Miss Saigon.

  • LincolnTek 5 months ago

    Seth you forgot to mention that it took you 20 years to create My Wallet lol !

  • stlaurentjournal 5 months ago

    Did not say the word #Biden once

  • claudermiller 5 months ago

    Self-licking ice cream cone?
    Did Scaramucci invent that?

  • Martin Anderson 5 months ago

    Biden made the right call in withdrawing, but him and his team clearly underestimated how fast Taliban would take power again, and that will cost lives, unfortunately.

    I have little faith in Taliban backing up their talk.

  • Jennifer Evans 5 months ago



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