As Impeachment Ramps Up, Trump Melts Down

Published on October 9, 2019

Jimmy celebrates the worst day of the year, Congress was supposed to hear testimony from Trump’s Ambassador to the European union, Gordon Sondland, The White House sent a letter to Democrats saying they would not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, Trump is so paranoid he wants his staff to take lie detector tests, and Sean Spicer continues his run on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Is Donald Trump Trying to Impeach Himself?

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  • Chris Tams 1 month ago

    And his idiotic base really believes this is the behavior of an innocent man! Laughable!

  • Taisen's Cool Stuff 1 month ago

    Jimmy, I think it’s time to put your differences aside and team up with “Matt Damon” for this issue

  • Paul Ramos 1 month ago

    The Lying Detector Test cannot go well on Dotard….it will certainly break down on his single lie.

  • Elaine Ouellette 1 month ago

    Impeach the SON and get it done

  • Angelia Robinson 1 month ago

    JK….i see why you are so hated by the imposer elect…..
    you have 15.3million + 1(me) subscribers…
    Fake news- fox has, only 3.4million -and-
    Factual news-CNN has 7.3million +1(me).

    keep up the good work….laughter before a good night rest, priceless

  • ali ali 1 month ago

    GOP – Gimps Of Putin

  • Kurt Brewka 1 month ago

    No American can ever be trusted again.
    The USA will never have any allies.

  • Newg Jjohnson 1 month ago

    training them on how to past lie detector test?

  • Oddie 1 month ago

    Spicer looks like he’s dancing with a bad case of piles.

  • Spark Adventures 1 month ago

    Why do people hate trump?

  • tuomida zhn 1 month ago

    The media should focus more on immuning the public against Trump’s tricks of convincing and cheating: skills such as poisoning the well, red herring, endless repetition, resorting to unprovable authorities… Actually he is the master in almost each and every technique of cheating and lying.

  • Whut Now! 1 month ago

    Agent orange died in the tanning coffin at the White House

  • mejohn101 1 month ago

    nice suit!

  • Just Us 1 month ago

    Donald dump……”you’re fired”

  • nemes1s 1 month ago

    Is anyone else experiencing issues with the subtitles being automatically turned on when ever watching Jimmy Kimmel videos?!

  • Erick Zuniga 1 month ago

    October 8th 2019 I spilled coffee on myself and boiled my balls.

  • muhizi calvin 1 month ago

    Lamar odom damn 😃

  • gg1275 1 month ago

    Elected government mirrors the society it represents.

  • C.A.T. 1 month ago

    Arrgghh! That DWTS clip of Sean Spicer has forever ruined that Gypsy Kings song for me!

  • darkpepsi 1 month ago

    Don’t be hatin’ Matt Damon. 😆


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