Artificial Intelligence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on February 27, 2023

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming part of our lives, from self-driving cars to ChatGPT. John Oliver discusses how AI works, where it might be heading next, and, of course, why it hates the bus.

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  • Walter White 🅥 1 year ago

    Man I love John Oliver so smart

  • Jared DeMarzo 1 year ago

    Oats, oats, give me oats, yum.

  • Ryan Holmes 1 year ago

    I wish I could go back to the 90s

  • Michael Osborn 1 year ago

    You mean you cant see dark things and dark skinned people in the dark what????? Noooooo gotta be racism

  • Charles Cannon 1 year ago

    Are we…are we…just gonna ignore ChatGPT telling us to be careful because we don’t know how it works? Cool, not asking any questions then.

  • Jonathan Sanders 1 year ago

    If I were the teacher, we would do our essays in person. At least one.

  • Godless Voice 1 year ago

    … and no mention the AI celebrity chatbots currently out?

  • Regarel 1 year ago

    The funniest part about the Seinfeld thing was that it was a transphobic bit about how his transphobic jokes weren’t landing and nobody would laugh.

  • Andrel G Linnenbank 1 year ago

    The narrative here seems to be: “Luckily AI is not self aware yet. It has problems though and we should remedy that by making it explain itself.” Hmm, that solution will accelerate the process of getting broad AI even more We’re doomed.

  • Raenef 1 year ago

    so where are ai vtuber in this episode?

  • RazorbackPT 1 year ago

    Hey, AI might kill us all, but let’s make sure it isn’t racist about it.

  • Kick 1 year ago

    I feel so represented, I hate the bus and am gay (bi, but whatever)
    Yet to rap about cats, but I’ll get there.

  • Cem Kalyoncu 1 year ago

    A computer scientist here. Unblackboxing AI is a challenge with active research going on. The problem is, artificial neural networks (ANN) which power these deep learning algorithms are very similar to human mind. In its core, these systems have neurons that are extremely simple. Being able to understand why a small scale ANN gave a particular answer is difficult but possible. When you try the same on an AI that has 175 billion neurons, things get near impossible. It is similar to understand why a person gave a certain answer by examining cellular structure of their brain.

  • Jason Blalock 1 year ago

    Am I the only one who heard “the ghost of Ed Harris” and immediately did a panicked google search? (He’s still alive!)

    Anyway, tho, speaking as a freelance content creator who’s going to be caught in all this (and whose work has undoubtedly helped train AIs) I just want to say: other creatives and freelancers, don’t bother trying to fight this. You will not win that battle. AI is already here. The genie is out of the bottle, pandora’s box is open, horses vs cars, etc etc.

    Time spent trying to fight against it will be wasted, when that time could be used to evolve and adapt. Find ways to use these new tools to expand your marketability, or add to your service offerings, or make cool new art. That will be by far the best use of your time in the next few years, not fighting a losing battle. Some of us will get displaced, sadly – but the first to go will be those who haven’t added “AI whisperer” to their skillset.

  • Anonymous Hypersphere 1 year ago

    One of his best episodes ever, and historic

  • Hmni Kadoza 1 year ago

    Were fucked.

  • Kukua Loo 1 year ago

    AI is the future. Hopefully we can get it functional, before humans die out

  • crithon 1 year ago

    11:40 did he just say “i i”?


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