Arnold Schwarzenegger on Trump Weighing 215, the Writers’ Strike & Being a Strict Dad

Published on October 3, 2023

Arnold talks about being the Governor during the 2007 writers’ strike, how he almost said his famous “I’ll be back” line differently in the movie, taking accent removal lessons, Trump listing his weight at 215 lbs, why he’s still a proud Republican, his new book Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life, working as a bricklayer in LA, filling in neighborhood potholes himself, his daughter Katherine having another baby, getting a pet pig, and being a strict dad.

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  • нυмαη ƒєllα 5 months ago

    Trump and his cult are NOT Republicans by any stretch, they are Reformists. Traditional Conservative Republicans favour Secularism and Separation of Church and State just like the Progressive Conservative Democrats. The Reformists are the ones who favour a Church run government, a 4th Branch that has power over the other 3, sort of like India.

  • Kiss Kiss 5 months ago

    Arnold Schwarzenegger- A very disciplined human being.

  • Bewick King of the North! 5 months ago

    Annie would make a great Collosus for Marvel

  • Amanda Ritzau 5 months ago

    Hes so adorable! Iv always been a fan of this goofy bastard ♡

  • Ron Wade 5 months ago

    In 2004 I was the maintenance man in Sun Valley, Idaho at the ski resort just down the street from Arnold’s home. He walked all over Sun Valley with both of his Sons long before the news broke. Arnold may not be a faithful husband but he indeed is a great Dad!

  • CardzillahTCGEmporium 5 months ago

    im going to f’ing miss Arnold when hes gone.. no other actor has that sentiment from me…

  • Jennifer Bailey 5 months ago

    Arnold has been an inspiration to many including me. I like his ethics on life.

  • Suomy Nona 5 months ago

    Moby Don does weigh 215 pounds…. AND another 80 pounds.
    He’s also 6’3″… from the bottom of his 3″ lifts to the top of his Yeti pube toupee.

  • Imperator Danny 5 months ago

    Arnie is still a Legend !

  • Alain Michel 5 months ago

    Arnold is such a fine guest to have on a show! Funny, smart, straightforward and still modest. If all (or even half of) republicans were like him, the country would be a much better place to live.
    But is it me or is his Austrian accent growing bigger with the time? In movies like True Lies, Last Action Hero or Commando to name just a few he plays a regular American-born character with no accent at all, while in Fubar…

  • Asphodel123456 5 months ago

    Maybe someone can explain to Arnold that miniature pigs don’t actually exist 😉

  • Al Vax 5 months ago

    Fix the guest chair, looks like the springs are broken

  • Dawn Paidoussi 5 months ago

    So wish these old guys would shave their grey beards and look so much better 😀

  • ivomusician 5 months ago

    Absolutely brillant and wonderful!
    Cheers and thanks from Europe!! (And don’t forget to always vote blue, anyway!!💙💙)

  • Manny Berroa 5 months ago

    Arnold is an amazing man! Thank you Sir for your words of wisdom!

  • Daniel Alm 5 months ago

    I actually weigh 215lbs and about the same height, ain’t no way lol

  • overdriver99 5 months ago

    this is true story of mine: when Arnold was a CA Governor my dad had some stupid social security problem. The worst problem is that the social security officer I need to talk to solve this issue was not in his office always(try to avoid me & my father). so I tried everything: waiting in front of SS office building, left hundreds of voice mails and sent so many emails. nothing worked.
    out of my frustration.. I sent email to Arnold through official governor’s email account describing my father’s SS problem. I got a computer-generated automatic email reply saying it has been received and nothing more. at this point I really gave up. That social worker was almost bullet-proof: you could not get any responses no matter what you said.
    … then miracle happened. The boss of that social worker called me within few days of my email to Arnold and asked if there was any problem..?!?! whaaaat ? That boss didn’t even know the issue and he knew my name only. wow..! I knew Arnold or his secretary contacted federal office somehow. I know there is the different chain of command on federal office(SS) and CA office but somehow, he managed to influence this matter to federal office. I was impressed and I am still impressed that CA governor, Arnold cares about average Joe’s welfare. The problem resolved within 2 days: the boss appointed new social worker to my case.
    I am forever in debt to you, Arnold. Thank you x 10000!!

  • Dee Dee 5 months ago

    People have short memories:
    “Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair and welcomed a son, Joseph Baena, with family housekeeper Mildred Baena while he was married to Maria Shriver.”
    ~US Weekly Magazine

  • Northern Bear 5 months ago

    Arnold for Pres.

  • MarkTubeG 5 months ago

    Someone would have played that section of the interview for Trump, the part where Arnold says Trump weighs 315. I can just imagine Trump flying off the handle at that! Ha.


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