Ari Melber Thinks Rudy Giuliani’s Done More to Impeach Trump Than Pelosi or Mueller

Published on December 12, 2019

Ari Melber talks about the inspector general’s report on the Russia investigation and Rudy Giuliani’sperformance as a lawyer.

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  • AMB 11 months ago

    So, I’m Kinda proud that I’m early.

  • aranphor 11 months ago

    Ari Melber is becoming a legend. Keep up the great work Ari.

  • Jan fromOz 11 months ago

    We’ve watched Ari move from MSNBC (sort of) lackey to a more critical observer of events. His legal analysis is easy to understand.

  • Adnan Jehan 11 months ago

    These guys must be so exhausted from covering this fiasco. I as a spectator had to take a break ?

  • Shannon Black 11 months ago

    Ari is one of the best going. I always look to him for understanding the legal strategies being used and he is almost always on the money. His knowledge of hip hop is just an added bonus!

  • Tseleng Botlhole 11 months ago

    I love Ari

  • general shepard 11 months ago

    Hahahahahahahaha HA! HA! HA! …Great comedy! You are better than johnny Carson! 100% not the reason people break their cable boxes faster than a dnc staffer getting shot after making a complaint.

  • Lindella Durrette 11 months ago

    Ari is so stinking cute?and cool ? and on top of it all.

  • Kathy Wilmot 11 months ago

    Oh, there’s more…

    “Strap yourselves in… it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

    Bette Davis

  • general shepard 11 months ago

    I hope Biden wins and gets impeached on the 2nd day in office for his quid quo pro with Ukraine…that’d be wonderful.

  • David Guelette 11 months ago

    Trump, Barr, Giuliani, McConnell, it’s pretty obvious that cockroaches attract other cockroaches. Handing our elections over to America’s enemies can only be called treason.

  • Frankie Lee 11 months ago

    These guys were so afraid of Giuliani.

  • gw wile 11 months ago

    *The MAGA Ass Hats will never hear the truth spoken here or anywhere else. Does Insanity Run in Trump’s Republican Party? Well I don’t know if it runs but I’m pretty sure all the members would Goose Step in the same direction around the day room of the Mental Asylum*

  • Amanda Woods 11 months ago

    When Ari gives 40 plus years of his career to Our U.S. Public Service, as has Speaker of Our U.S. House of Representatives, then I take his assumption as equal merit.


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