Are We Proud Of Him For Not Ruining A Funeral?

Published on December 6, 2018

Donald Trump is basking in the glory of his presidency’s crowning achievement: not ruining a funeral.

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  • DeadlyMargiKarp223 2 years ago

    You don’t need to be a psychologists to know that Trump’s narcissism is both unhealthy and dangerous. He simply wants everything to be about him and how great he is. Anyone who say he’s humble is factually incorrect.

    Also Trump still ignores the fact that his overall approval ratting is still below 50%. The one poll he cited means jack shit in the grand scheme of things.

  • BlankBrain 2 years ago

    2:30 be glad to oblige funeral for him

  • Emre Yavuzoğlu 2 years ago

    Don’t worry Donny, your funeral will come soon enough! Then you’ll get the attention you deserve 😉

  • ANGRY DAD 2 years ago

    I cant stop looking at that ear.

  • Bob Trenwith 2 years ago

    Donnie Boy, if it weren’t for FBI investigations, you wouldn’t even be in office.

  • cosgrove notts 2 years ago

    Trump asleep, Trump golfing, Trump tweeting on the Crapper. Trump can’t walk 200 yards . No collusion and fake news. MAGA, but when will there be a day with no scandal?

  • 4c1dr3fl3x 2 years ago

    President McLardAss looked like 2 presidents stuffed into 1 XXXXXXXXL suit made by Omar the Tent Maker when sitting next to his predecessors.

  • timmothy58 2 years ago

    hey…wow…this approach is the only thing your smart writers can imagine,,,???…lame…

  • Patrick Bateman 2 years ago

    Is every monologue about trump? Boring…

  • Montesama314 2 years ago

    This is the HIGHEST POSITION an attorney could ever take, and this guy Barr’s attitude is “Fine, whatever, I guess I’ll do it if I HAVE to.”

    Trump’s an incompetent Russian agent who clearly doesn’t want the job, and I guess that attitude spreads to the people he hires.

  • Faye Martin 2 years ago

    Glad Big Mouth didn’t make a Eulogy & they kept him mostly out of view … ???

  • Smileyrie James 2 years ago

    Welcome to America. Where it’s newsworthy if their President behaves during a funeral! However he actually still managed to screw up as there’s a picture of him either reading with his eyes closed or sound asleep. Since we know Chump avoids reading like the plague, has to have been asleep…/smh

  • MLG HELP 2 years ago

    “No ambition for the job…but you’ll take it. An attitude we call in the business….the MELANIA.” Lol?

  • LordAaronus 2 years ago

    just like Trump to exploit a funeral

  • Shukria O 2 years ago


  • Simon Giles 2 years ago

    “Judge’s”? Of all Trump’s failings, a misused apostrophe is probably the least, but still, there it is.

  • handyhippie65 2 years ago

    75%? do we need any more proof he is delusional?

  • AvangionQ 2 years ago

    @ 1:25 D&D joke, case anyone missed it … ?

  • Gennady Reshetnikov 2 years ago

    Trump wants a ceremony about himself? Well, a funeral is not that hard to organise, just ask Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • YouTube Channel 2 years ago

    The president behaved so well, he didn’t sit there like a little boy with crossed arms for almost 10 minutes

    _Grab ‘m by the toupet!_


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