Are Undecided Voters Really Undecided? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on October 28, 2020

Desi Lydic sits down with undecided voters to find out why they can’t make up their minds, and chats with election forecaster Rachel Bitecofer to learn if being “undecided” really matters. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DesiLydic

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  • ronkirk50 6 months ago

    I really don’t believe ANYONE is undecided at this point. If you are, maybe you just shouldn’t vote at all.

  • Peri 6 months ago


  • bobbo fisher 6 months ago

    Idiots and clout chasers.

  • Mark Allen 6 months ago

    They’re undecided because they have no moral compass, considering voting for Trump is insane. I’m kinda racist, I don’t know if putting children in cages and taking babies away from their mothers.

  • H Naqvi 6 months ago

    5:20 this political scientist can be a good comedian as well. I like her sense of humor

  • Dale Thomas 6 months ago

    Attention whores

  • TJ S. 6 months ago

    Many of them are not telling the truth.

  • Ruby H 6 months ago

    It is too early for this much stupidity. They want attention and are pathetic if they are honestly confused about whether Trump is the better choice, then I guess they’re really are fools. Gtfoh

  • Prastagus Tan 6 months ago

    “Negative Partisanship” – people are encouraged to vote via “hate” or or pretend to be “undecided”. What a mind job.

  • Lee Hall 6 months ago

    Trump haters stake the heart, Vote True Blue.

  • Corinne S. 6 months ago

    I fuckin love Rachel

  • Dena A 6 months ago

    Hmmmmm should I vote for a slightly goofy, experienced politician or an orange, racist, kleptocratic buffoon. Soooooo hard to choose…

  • Ichijo Festival 6 months ago

    That lady (let’s see.. Rachel Bitecofer) pretty much covered it.
    It’s just our 24-hour news industry at its worst, peddling bullshit for drama and ratings.

  • simon howell 6 months ago

    3:00 😐🤔😈😎

  • Diane Blumenthal 6 months ago

    For those who are truly undecided, let me help you out, vote for Biden !!!

  • bob Bob 6 months ago

    Quick answer no..
    Not so quick answer…No!,Anyone who is undecided at this point need to give up their citizenship and have there voter ID card, drivers license and social security cards destroyed!

  • David Mansfield 6 months ago

    They are lying or just stupid.

  • Melanated Dawn 6 months ago

    I’m not undecided. I’m just not voting. Both candidates are white supremacists. Both are evil. Those are the choices? White supremacy vs. White supremacy lite or the lesser of both evils? Wait…what…both evils?🤔 AmurdiKKKa’s poliTRICKS are nothing but theatrics, just sheer entertainment.

  • Yashwant Gurjar 6 months ago

    this is sooooooooo true. think about it, these few thousand attention seeking people who want to be the center of attention is the center of every election but in the end, the person who wins is the one who brings their team. however republicans and the media has made democrats literally not care about their base and progressives, the heart of their party and go after these undecided, moderates, republicans. like why, theeyy ask every democrat how would they crossover to republicans or give lip service to their fav republican, always tell them to try to persuade a conservative who is not happy with trump. like this is not about you. but then, every republican never talks about how they want to persuade a democrat or care what their next door democratic senator thinks, nope. they just keep railing against democrats and liberal and incite their redneck base and boom, they win, surprise surprise. remember, Obama did not win because he was chasing republicans, he won because he brought the heart of democratic party with him. fuck this shit, stop caring about the undecided and moderate voters, if they cant choose between democrats and republicans, they are stupid or just fake as fuck.

  • 35nomoon 6 months ago

    These undecided people are full of SHIT some people just need to feel some since of being noticed by others.


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