Are New Rules Coming for Debates? Trump Hopes Not

Published on October 2, 2020

James Corden kicks off the show recapping the news of the day, specifically more reaction to the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, including the Commission of Presidential Debates floating the idea of rule changes. And Rudy Giuliani is still struggling, this time it was with the spelling of the word “debate.”

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  • Lspiegel5 7 months ago

    Coincidence or coverup that a few hours after Trump said he doesn’t approve of any debate rule changes, he comes down with COVID?

  • Abbed Al-Saud 7 months ago


  • Camilla Nilsson 7 months ago

    I love karma. Trump has Covid-19.

  • Make-A-Woosh-Foundation 7 months ago

    guess who caught covid

  • Lspiegel5 7 months ago

    I’ll believe he has COVID when Dr. Fauci says he gave the test and supervised the results. If he does have it it’s Karma.

  • Noreen Grace 7 months ago

    “the future sucks but we’re here” 😂 😂 😂

  • Jane Wheatley 7 months ago

    I💚reg ….. napping is the secret of the soul. x

  • TheShmoo123 7 months ago

    Covid say 👋🏽 hi donny…..don’t worry you can try the bleach out on malaria…..IT IS WHAT IT IS, please don’t forget that!

  • Randy Davis 7 months ago

    Biden should have to answer questions and not lie the entire time! Such a POS

  • mapalo muzenda 7 months ago

    There’s a soft spot in my heart for JAMES CORDEN

  • Robert Mitchell 7 months ago

    Maybe corona will slow Trump down?

  • Adam Prall 7 months ago

    The jetsuit guy just needs to carry a quick-inflate, gigantic helium balloon for passenger-patients!

  • Richard Braakman 7 months ago

    This was second the highest rated monologue in the history of television. The #1 was that MASH episode where Hawkeye had a head injury and had to keep talking the whole episode to stay awake.

  • Tammy Ang 7 months ago

    Strange why #bigbabyTrump thinks he could get away with blowing up the numbers.

  • Cluser Everett 7 months ago

    The clown has coolvid and is going to die. No more debates.

  • Zombie 7 months ago

    Highest watched TV shows:

    Super Bowl XLIX 114,442,000
    Super Bowl XLVIII 112,191,000
    Super Bowl 50 111,864,000
    Super Bowl XLVI 111,346,000
    Super Bowl LI 111,319,000
    Super Bowl XLV 111,041,000
    Super Bowl XLVII 108,693,000
    Super Bowl XLIV 106,476,000
    M*A*S*H (“Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”) 105,970,000
    More Super Bowl from 10-30….

  • Savillia San 7 months ago

    New rules: Zoom Meeting Debate? :B

  • Amy Nicolas 7 months ago

    Guess now it’s a mute point.

  • Juanita Holland 7 months ago

    Now his lying ass says he has the virus. Anything for attention.


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