Are Fox News’s Gun Violence Solutions Better for Guns Than for People? | The Daily Show

Published on August 7, 2019

While legislators try to figure out which laws will curb future mass shootings, Fox News is spending most of their time telling people that shootings have nothing to do with guns.



  • Tenzin Wangjor 1 year ago

    This man is always right!!

  • Franchise The Myth 1 year ago

    Freedom is good. Too much freedom is detrimental… Ever heard of mass shooting or terrorism in China?

  • Izmir 1 year ago

    NRA yo también quiero creer mucho en la palabra de Dios y que esta nos guía a tener muchas armas ¿podrías contribuir a mi iglesia también para ayudarte con esta causa?, ya sabes solo unos cuantos miles $_$ mantengamos la muy honorable tradición de vender el cielo al mejor postor.

  • Kermit T. Frog 1 year ago

    Only something like 3% of people in Japan believe in God. In 2016, a country with half the population of the USA had 362 homicides. Compare that to the 17,250 homicides in the USA. A country where something like 80% of the population believes in God.

  • DŨNG BẢO 1 year ago


  • 4D 1 year ago

    Hey America…….thoughts and prayers are fucking useless at stopping bullets.

  • Xiaojun Li 1 year ago

    Why does media like FOX even exist? Oh, I know. They have the freedom to be stupid.

  • ro3 1 year ago

    The thing is, if u already good n kind, u DON’T NEED GOD. Those who need god usually r those who r desperate n need some kind of mental assurance that someone is looking after them

  • Estela Escalante 1 year ago

    People laughed at the every Garlic festival comment. I saw the sheriff’s, highway patrols and police rushing to Gilroy as I was driving on 101. That is scary.

  • Alexandre Souza 1 year ago

    Fox news making excuses for racism and gun violence….
    Blaming the deaths on…
    video games and Basterd delinquent kids?The kids who did those shooting were all rich spoiled racist trumpers.

    Fuck Fox fools News.Only stupid inbred fucking toothless hicks,believe FOX state ran news…. Its pure Horse Shit!
    I can’t wait…
    Until Disney Dismantles Fox Fuckface news.
    Bunch of buttfuckin Fuckface liars,that need to be held accountable for there lies and dickhead bullshit they have been saying since trump became president.
    Fox News
    And everyone on it.
    Bunch of fucking Trumpanzies…
    Cocksucking,Sperm burping,son’s of INBREEDING Whores.
    Pieces of
    S H I T !

  • Tyson Weissenfluh-Wilson 1 year ago

    Manifest destiny you pageant winners

  • StarkRaving Ralph 1 year ago

    Forget about god. Remember the HypoChristians in the republican party, a party built on a Christian platform. Disgraceful.

  • Erica Livinglife 1 year ago

    But your “morality” and God takes away healthcare.. education etc? They have male roles models alright. The ones that are filling their heads with with hate and warped ideas.

  • Gloria_Diaz Dahlke 1 year ago

    @ Mr. Noah… David is not a nasty guy…He did have fault like you and everyone else yet he was a king and a man after God’s own heart…he knew he deserve God punishment for his adulterous behavior and the death of (her husband )..he had full repentance before God yet he took God’s punishment anyways and later as a second chances God blessed him and. He continue being obedience to God…not one in the Bible that have been call by God it’s perfect. ( for human are not perfect)..only Jesus been the exception but He’s more than the lamb of God that came to take our sins away…..try to keep God out of your jokes out Respect… For He’s Holy ( 3x kodesh) and one day you will have to answer to Him for it… For your own sake I say this to you..

  • Samuel Torres 1 year ago

    I wish black people get this (fox) treatment, when they do something wrong,, black people do something less then this crime fox news will say, lock em up and throw away the key, even though they don’t have a father, double standard it’s going to be a bumpy ride

  • Phyllis Neal 1 year ago

    I believe that GAWD is going to kick Huckabee’s ENORMOUS ARSE ❗?

  • HeyNowLookHere 1 year ago

    Fatherlessness in US is a joke compared to situation in China, however they don’t have mass shootings like us. Why? They don’t sell guns like us over here.

  • KeShon Brown 1 year ago

    These people are demonically influenced to the highest degree. Do you not see how boldly satan is acting clearly stating what he is doing by saying “creating a Culture where there is no God”, “hate inside the heart”, “loss of morality”. We need to step up and Use this authority that God has given us to case the demons out. Start praying my brothers and sisters…

  • Quoc Nguyen 1 year ago


  • Shouvik Roy 1 year ago

    USA is it’s own worst enemy. They should stop messing up the world and look deep into themselves to correct the wrongs already done in their society.


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