Archbishop Of Miami

Published on September 24, 2015

On Thursday, September 24, Stephen welcomes Thomas Wenski, the Archbishop of Miami.

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  • Melvin Taylor II 4 years ago

    Looking forward to it!!

  • Rick Meng 4 years ago

    umm, nice?

  • David Tennant 4 years ago

    lol Mr.mayonnaise

  • JustinBMusic 4 years ago

    watch my new video pls

  • Christian Rankin 4 years ago

    lol wut?

  • Matt McGlashan 4 years ago

    Love Jim Gaffigan, Love Stephen Colbert, I am so excited :D

  • Jacob Glad 4 years ago

    This has 666 views right now

  • mmmodafoca 4 years ago

    Jim Gaffigan as Mayonaise?? niceee is he also a guest tonight? i hope so.

  • Matthew Moss 4 years ago

    Miami Diocese would have been better.

  • Uncle Ruckus 4 years ago

    Skullfuck me with a spoon pls.

  • Steve27775 4 years ago

    Thomas Wenski is… a right wing homophobe who hates Obama and was
    appointed to two Task Forces by Jeb Bush. Ask him about the ‘Mass of
    Reparation’ in 2009 that he held in response to Obama getting an Honorary
    Degree from Notre Dame (how dare they reward someone who’s pro-choice???).
    Ask him why his predecessor as Archbishop left. It seems to have had
    something to do with a ‘network’ of homosexual priests. Also, what about
    the sexual abuse by priests in Miami? Plenty to discuss there.


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