Apple Unveils New Phones We Don’t Need

Published on September 11, 2019

Apple introduced three new iPhones today at their event in Cupertino and many people are complaining that they didn’t announce enough new features. Twelve years ago they invented the iPhone – the most amazing product ever. Now we’re like ‘This is it?’ They must hate us all so much. Based on this new ad they’re running it almost seems like they’ve had enough.

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  • Mahmood Shuvo 2 weeks ago


  • Christian Ivarsson 2 weeks ago

    They haven’t invented a darn thing. We had smartphones long before Icrap (There was Symbian UIQ, Windows mobile, Palm OS) First capacitive touch screen? -LG Prada. First Tablet? -Samsung (Yes, SAMSUNG) and a company named grid released their respective models in the early 90’s. This was even before their joke named Newton. First PDA -Psion. First mp3 player? -mpman from a Korean company. Apple also “Invented” PowerPC with IBM by taking IBM’s “Power” architecture and retarded it a bit. Like having bit 0 be the most significant bit etc. I hate that company. HATE it

  • Akshay Simply 2 weeks ago

    11 people who disliked are from TeamApple!

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 2 weeks ago

    Kimmel gives Apple new idea for an iPhone with 5 screens or 5 cameras, or an iPhone you can shave with (for men and women).

  • Max Chao 2 weeks ago

    Apple is dead. Last night event was the WORST EVER!!!!!

  • Ilhan Tele 2 weeks ago

    Dumbass ppl will still buy them. Amazing

  • fisherman gt 2 weeks ago

    We should all boycott iPhone for 3 years, we might get some new feature in that time, or not

  • New Message 2 weeks ago

    My Dad calls them the “Oy Phones”

  • Jiyesh Mistry 2 weeks ago

    One plus >>> Apple

  • Rick Mercier 2 weeks ago

    Apple did come up with something new, the price.

  • Songya Ni 2 weeks ago

    You all know you came for the thumbnail

  • Prasanta Dutta 2 weeks ago

    Idk but the triple camera setup looks like the three black spots on a coconut.

  • Gyan Prakash Gupt 2 weeks ago

    “Goddamn it we have to launch this year’s new phone & we don’t have anything new… What do we do?”

    “Oh oh – I know… Why don’t we remove the removable battery feature? That way we’ve something new & we can get customers to pay us more when the batteries stop working.”

    “Nice idea!”

    Another year:
    “Oh no – what are we going to do about this year’s phones?”

    “Remember how I suggested removing removable battery feature?”


    “How about we do the same with earphone jack this time?”

    “So that we can make customers to pay us more for wireless earphones?”

    “That is a bingo!”

  • Chris Johannsen 2 weeks ago

    The reason people expect innovation is because android continues to innovate and is at least three years ahead of iPhone on every feature.

  • AdrenaLyn 2 weeks ago

    Since Steve Jobs was gone, Apple became just another electronic brand. Sad but true.

  • Ninja HD 2 weeks ago

    I need an iPhone 11 though! Cause purple is my favorite color

  • Tabs T 2 weeks ago

    Them titties

  • Mark Oneill 2 weeks ago

    Recommend samsung or sony or any other phone apart from apple folks for me APPLE IS TO MUCH MONEY ORIENTATED.

  • curious pug 2 weeks ago

    Well, we can choose not to buy their bs, so.. 🤷‍♂️

  • Good Doctor 2 weeks ago

    This programme is lossing popularity and keep getting boring day by day….


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