AOC Reveals What Happened To Her During The Capitol Riot | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on February 2, 2021

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes on Instagram Live to share her account of the attack on the Capitol. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #AOC

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  • Jan C 12 months ago

    You’re not that important..

  • Make Pizza Not War 12 months ago

    Unfortunately with how Trump’s cults going, there isn’t just going to be a sequel, this shit will likely be the Fast and The Furious franchise. They intend to call themselves the Patriot party. Stay tunes till 2024.

  • C J 12 months ago

    Hang them all for treason.

  • Jacqueline Parks 12 months ago

    I wish we would stop referring to her as AOC. It makes me forget this amazing woman’s NAME.

  • Scott Nunnemaker 12 months ago

    Trevor.. why would you care about what people thought of your browser history after you died? You’d be dead… nothing in your browser history would affect you in any way at that point. Worried about your legacy after you die? Don’t worry, celebrity deaths are only mourned by their fans for short periods of time. Your family and friends will likely not care about whatever kind of crazy porn you watch.

  • Kay2Jay 12 months ago

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, every single person in that riot needs to be arrested. And not just them, but every GOP member who activity encouraged it, let it happen and who now defend the rioters also need to be fired and arrested. The way she described that sounded absolutely terrifying, and it should make any American disgusted that we had four years of this racist bullshit being allowed.

  • Arthur Dent 12 months ago

    She was probably calmer than I’d be in that situation. I’d be like, “if this is the plan for me.. um.. I’d like to speak to the manager.”

  • J C 12 months ago

    and to think that tucker mocked her for worrying for her life. hes filth

  • Srijan Sen 12 months ago

    Love how BLM was “peaceful” where people actually got killed and Capitol protests were “traumatizing”. God bless American media. @TrevorNoah especially.

  • Ricardo Roman 12 months ago

    And yet Republican Senators want us to forget it ever happened.

  • tyler198924 12 months ago

    Wonder if the kool aid drinkers in here felt the same was during the BLM and Antifa riots?????

  • Mikael Pettersson 12 months ago

    And how do you think the votecounters felt when the mob angrily banged on a glasswall demanding that they should stop counting the votes.

  • Jami Boothe 12 months ago

    They chanted “fuck the blue” while bashing in windows around the cop`s heads, just before that misguided poor girl got shot through the neck. It was pure wickedness what happened that day and any politician that sees it as less than that and does not speak out, is using that mob mentality still, and will certainly use it in the future. Stripes do not change.

  • Edith Glover 12 months ago

    You survived right. Gee Why should they want you???

  • Severus Snape 12 months ago

    She would have been killed for being a concerned human being and helping people to have free healthcare, decent wages and other benefits most 1st world nation have. Think about it.

  • George B. Wolffsohn 12 months ago

    Even the Trumptard Republicans thought get weed going to die, except for the handful who actually HELPED PLAN the insurrection.

  • racoonzattack 12 months ago

    How come she or no one else recorded their experience though?

  • gigi stoner 12 months ago

    Yet Lindsey Graham just said that the impeachment trial was the Democrats Political Ad campaign against Donald Trump.

  • Imana Youtube 12 months ago

    She put other important details on what happened that i wish weren’t left out in the clips showed

  • Shawna Mac 12 months ago

    I empathize with her experience! I was maced in the face by two men who had a physical altercation behind me. I thought I was going to die too. I had no idea was was going on. I fell on a table after walking through the posion sprayed and then bolted for the bathroom for water. People ran into the bathroom after me trying to push open my bathroom stall door open yelling its poison gas! get the open the window! This was of course before the pandemic……………… before everything was shut down -.- this was when I took crimes against The Divergent personally. I dont take them personally now. Now I see these people who cause destruction as human pawns that dark forces are manipulating the negative ego of.


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