AOC Explains Biology 101 to Greg Abbott After SCOTUS Guts Roe v. Wade in Texas: A Closer Look

Published on September 8, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Republicans standing in the way of urgently needed action against climate change while also staging a brazen attack on Roe v. Wade.

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  • Kathy Jones 2 weeks ago

    Susan Collins once again has her finger on the pulse.

  • darkprince56 2 weeks ago

    I’m not going to listen to an explanation of “biology 101” from a brainlet who calls women menstruating/pregnant people.

  • Valerie Harover 2 weeks ago

    We are so screwed you guys.

  • Arcana Octonus 2 weeks ago

    Two term limits on everything including the supreme court. One in office then another in prison.

  • Laurie Jewett 2 weeks ago

    Manchin. 🙄 Makes me wanna quit watching the news.

  • Jon Blondell 2 weeks ago

    AOC has done more for our state than our lousy governor ever has! She helped raise money for us while
    Abbott looked the other way while some Texans froze to death last winter! And that is not an exaggeration!

  • Agent Orange 2 weeks ago

    Can we replace faux news with the onion please , the onions news is seeming more real these days and certainly more truthful than Murdoch’s plaque

  • Nathan Hromanik 2 weeks ago

    This Jackal also enjoyed the car crash animation. Great job graphics team, sound for it was good.

  • brian wheeler 2 weeks ago

    Wow the Texas Taliban strikes again

  • James Bond SSGT 2 weeks ago

    My church summer camp quote unquote burned down

  • [yeet yeet] 2 weeks ago

    Bruh Seth, could you stop using MSNBC, they suck almost as much as Fox.

  • david bouy 2 weeks ago

    Ivory tower politicians and pundits unable to see past their own noses

  • Frank Taylor 2 weeks ago

    Can I have 40 seconds of my life back (starting at 10:20 of this video)? : The Texas law is like another law which would be like losing a frisbee which then you changed the athletics of your children who now, because you’re shy, play baseball like the hapless NYYankees who are bad like the Mets–Wow! That’s a long way to go for not much payoff

  • Steven Martin 2 weeks ago

    Abbot needs a c-section on his dome

  • Russell Kaye 2 weeks ago

    I was wondering if the HIPA laws can stop this? If a regular citizen pries into your medical history in order to get their ten thousand pieces of silver, would they not be breaking the law? Juswunderin

  • professorJorgeZermeno11 2 weeks ago

    I hate Synem a and Joe man chin

  • Josh Weber 2 weeks ago

    Correction. Joke about your body being found in the east river. You said the reason would be for “one or two things”. It’s supposed to be one of two things. Also the Arnold impression is worse than me spelling Shhwartzaneagar without googling it first.

  • finest kind medicinal 2 weeks ago

    I hope they find a pitchfork rammed through joe manchins body. Hey psychos, take your angst out on sick f$#ks like Joey M. Skewer a few them, things might change.


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