Anya Taylor-Joy Spent Christmas Watching The Entire “Lord Of The Rings” Trilogy

Published on January 6, 2021

Like many people, Anja Taylor-Joy celebrated Christmas in isolation, but she did maintain one of her traditions: watching the entire “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy. #Colbert #TheQueensGambit #AnyaTaylorJoy

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  • SoItGoes 2 months ago

    She looks like she is from the lord of the ring.

  • Gollum’s Lover 2 months ago

    Books are one of my biggest sanctuaries. The same for my significant other.

  • Astraestus 2 months ago

    The ONLY correct way to watch LotR is the extended cut! xD

  • Ad Bellow 2 months ago

    I am so in love with this beautiful woman!!

  • Jason Mckibbin 2 months ago

    The VVITCH is a fantastic film. Everything I’ve seen her in is great

  • Kevin Phung 2 months ago

    Huh did I catch the same bug? I just had the urge to watch The Lord of The Rings trilogy (extended cut) when I was snowed in on new years.

  • Tommy Crosby 2 months ago

    Despite liking phantasy movies, I never ever been able to watch one Lords of the Rings movie without falling asleep and despite being totally incapable of play chess beyond basic rules, I binged Queens Gambit non stop.

  • A Passerby 2 months ago

    It’s interesting that Anya talks about looking like an Elf because she looks more Elven than the actors playing elves in Lotr. She needs another Netflix series featuring her as an elf or something, and knowing her acting ability, she definitely wouldn’t disappoint

  • DL 2 months ago

    With Netflix rates about to double, they’d BETTER do a LOTR series and she’d BETTER be in it.

    “You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to…”

  • Yuriel Cundangan 2 months ago

    Anya: I would normally spend Christmas in Argentina

  • cing earth cingearth 2 months ago

    i fell asleep in lord of the rings !

  • salvatore palazzo 2 months ago

    Two minutes?
    Clearly Stephen don’t play chess….

  • Choo Choo MotherTrucker 2 months ago

    She looks so ethereal

  • Ozot - The Esports ISP 2 months ago

    Only doing the Two Towers in extended edition actually makes sense! It is the most important one since you learn more about the Boromir, Faramir, and Steward of Gondor’s relationship in much more detail. There are added benefits to doing the Fellowship and Return of the King in extended, but they aren’t as important.

  • random_youtube_commenter 2 months ago

    These 2 minute segments make no sense to me, its over before it really began.

  • LaPulgaM 2 months ago

    I hope Amazon calls her up with a big fat check and offer her a role in the LOTR series….

  • Tim Chuma 2 months ago

    Tried to watch the Night Comes for Us again on Christmas day, only made it half way this time.

  • Kroem Experion 2 months ago

    Just when I was thinking she looks like a young Galadriel… she’s gonna be a star of an Amazon Prime LOTR show…

  • Olly Wright 2 months ago

    Gotta be extended edition RotK for Saruman.

  • Mawk 2 months ago

    Holy shit her eyes are far apart


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