Anti-Muslim Mask Policies & Zoom Jury Duty | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on May 20, 2020

France ramps up protective mask enforcement but retains its ban on Muslim face coverings, a Texas jury convenes over Zoom, and doctors identify new coronavirus symptoms. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus



  • Birdman 3 months ago

    Ex-Muslims are the bravest people of today.

  • L4L intl 3 months ago

    Now treavor, u r starting to see that this C19 is some BS! If they label us all with the C19 then they can keep us under their control. “They want us all gone eventually”- NAS

  • Guinness 3 months ago

    Excuse me? You cannot be a supporter of women’s rights and gender equality and think that this nikab/burka thing is normal in a liberal democracy. It’s what makes our culture not only different, but better. We respect women.

  • tomster 3 months ago

    Noah, with respect but I don’t think France’s stance on the banning the Burqa is outright crazy. There are currently 16 nations that have banned the burqa worldwide (not to be confused with the hijab), including Tunisia, Austria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Tajikistan, Latvia, Bulgaria,Cameroon, Chad, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Netherlands,China,Morocco. As you can see some muslim countries banned the burqa as well. As you can see, this is more of a cultural thing rather than being against one religion.

  • ramsey wilson 3 months ago

    bruh this coronavirus is so overated a lot of the deaths arnt even corona deaths its just courupt docters and hospitals trying to make more money people need to chill out

  • Sabine Frankfurt 3 months ago

    It has nothing to do with being anti-muslim. Please learn more about the ban of religious face covers, before making statements like that.

  • Joe R M 3 months ago

    I say Coronavirus is play Plague Inc… “Hmm, I almost have enough DNA points for paranoia.”
    Trump goes on TV and says something,
    Coronavirus: “Don’t need to waste points on that… Trump did it for me!’

  • LᎾNᎶE ᎾPᏆIMUЅ 3 months ago

    Burka and niqab bans are permanent while masks are temporary. Masks only cover your mouth while burkas and niqabs cover your whole face. When this pandemic is over nobody will wear masks anymore, so this argument has no real value. You can argue wheter it should be banned still.

  • Wayne Francis 3 months ago

    any one else want that sweater trevor has!!???

  • Mukundh Murali 3 months ago

    Trevor is annoying ever since he started working from home….

  • Rafa Eterna 3 months ago

    even face cover can act as a burqa, it still serve the same purpose : cover anything but your eye. but if the idiots at the french gov wanna keep the stupid policy that’s fine. if anyone still want to justify the burqa ban as security measures at this period in time with the ‘rrona around, they’re proven to be an idiot. the purpose is as they say in the french law, to keep the clothing culture out ( even though a hoodie and pace mask do just about the same purpose LMAO)

  • m G 3 months ago

    Trump was delirious before it become mainstream

  • RW 3 months ago

    Our country should learn a lesson from France. Muslims should be reminded that it’s not their homeland.

  • Yadji D. Stevie 3 months ago

    most french aren’t anti-Muslim, it’s just that their right-wing group has way too much power. besides, saying the French are “so anti-Muslim” is like saying all Americans loves Trump. please don’t mislead people

  • Pierre Dupont 3 months ago

    Trevor, focus on making fun of fellow Africans in Zambia riding escalators and hating gays and leave the French alone. You come off as hypocrite, and the imitated French accent is neither funny neither well done.

  • Surliv Fille 3 months ago

    i’m waiting for coronavirus to be announced to cause zombieism

  • Kerye Eastin 3 months ago

    What the f*** France?

  • Marcus Xperia 3 months ago

    Trailer parks have good enough Internet to hold Zoom Trials? Goes against all the memes.
    What’s facts and what are they up to?

  • Eyre Borne 3 months ago

    The reason why we have the face covering issue is due to certain elements of hardcore Islam. It’s unfortunate; but necessary.

  • Mello Jello 3 months ago

    I remember making a video on the Burka back when Nicolas Sarkozy was president. Seriously I’m surprised Macron is still allowing this B.S law.


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