Anthony Salvanto: The President Wasn’t On The Ballot

Published on November 20, 2018

‘Where Did You Get This Number?’ author Anthony Salvanto helps Stephen take stock of the outcome of the 2018 Midterm elections.

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  • Salt 2 years ago

    I must say, Americans proved me wrong by actually voting. Hopefully your youth won’t forget what happens when you don’t vote.

  • fastnbulbouss 2 years ago

    The voting system is still screwed up. No one should be prevented from voting.

  • A Wee Scots Dog 2 years ago

    Two Timing David Dennison (aka Double Don Tinder’s Double Entendres)

    To pump up his whole base popularity
    Trump’s election relied on vulgarity
    But with his polling weakening
    And the stories of leaking
    It could have ended up in Hilarity

    But he claimed his membership felt elated
    Saying testily his support was inflated
    With ecstatic shirt tugging
    Trump climactic! But plugging –
    His brand’s fans were, instantly, satiated

    He said he felt his massive election
    Was the thing that assured his selection
    And his throng was so large
    That he had to recharge
    His electoral induction deflection

    But inside he knew that he was flagging
    For he knew that, in fact, he was lagging
    And because his poll’s size
    Was too small, we surmise
    That’s why he could not get his press gagging

  • New Message 2 years ago

    “What is the hardest group to poll? Who are the hardest people to pin down?”

    I heard exactly those questions on a PornHub Qn’A just last Friday…

  • Action Hiro 2 years ago

    Trump is Faxe News. He constantly discredits the news so he can tell people what to believe.
    2 + 2 = 5

  • consumer 2 years ago

    Anthony Salvanto made the point that the president wasn’t on the ballot BUT he was on people’s minds.

    The title of the video suggests the opposite of what he was trying to convey.

  • Eli Spizzichino 2 years ago

    wow @Stephen colored nails!

  • E usa 2 years ago



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