Anthony Anderson Wants Eight More Years Of Obama



  • TwiLover628 2 years ago

    Still a better option than Trump and Hillary

  • Notorious S.A.M 2 years ago

    God please no I’m black BTW.

  • Eastmund 2 years ago

    Oh, black boy wants black boy to be president for eight more

  • swoopysalvo 2 years ago

    Would support Obama’s third term over Hillary and Trump.

  • IRULEuDRULEguy 2 years ago

    Im not sure another 8 years of Obama would be good for anyone.

  • Justin 2 years ago

    Wait, people actually liked black-ish? The first episode was just about the
    discussion of racial stereotypes and the second had way too much sexual
    content for the rating it recieved.

  • Anthony Balladarez 2 years ago

    Eight more years of obama? Sign up with Hillary!

  • Josh Dixon 2 years ago

    This dude was awesome on The Shield. Good to see he’s still doing stuff

  • wiet111 2 years ago

    I think loads of people would like that now. I personally don’t really mind
    Clinton, but I’d certainly prefer Obama over Trump. Obama is really smart,
    knows his shit, etcetera.

  • Eugene Sidebottom III 2 years ago

    Anthony Anderson the sex offender? Great authority on politics

  • Matthew Williams 2 years ago

    They should upload this whole interview with Anthony, it was pretty funny.

  • Martin Vee 2 years ago

    I don’t think Obama would be a good president at all for anpther 8 years
    but unfortunately he’d be much better than clinton or trump. what a sad
    state the country is in right now. i think this is what an empire collapse
    looks like from the inside

  • Sandor Clegane 2 years ago

    Anthony Anderson’s a fucking retard.

  • Ca Ll 2 years ago

    Ridiculous, the biggest dissapointment of any President in history.
    Celebrity in Chief puppet, Black Bush with a cool walk. Telling to see
    Colbert and Hollywood keep dancing for the puppetmasters, its so
    transparent, no ones buying it.

  • AsSheLikesIt 2 years ago

    I like Blackish. I just wish they hadn’t called it “Blackish”. It’s a funny
    show but the name alone will ostracise people.

  • Ca Ll 2 years ago

    ps: more Obama is code for Vote Hilary, a corrupt to the core sociopath.
    Take it all in Colbert, suck it, good boy…

  • SquirrelKnight 2 years ago

    just saying considering the title… nope, we shouldn’t!

  • Habibur IHaveSeenItAll 2 years ago

    Here is a truth, Negros are dumb and they should run or rule monkey
    population, why? That’s probably why Osama, I mean Obama got elected twice
    and doofus, do know why Trump is winning? Over 94 millions out of the labor
    force, you idiot, $19.5 trillions debt from $10 trillions Bush
    administration, ISIS was produced in his administration where he could have
    destroyed them before the cancer grew and underestimated them and call them
    JV team, bad trade deals, not enforcing the illegal immigration laws and I
    can go on but it would be waste of time.


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