Another Herschel Abortion Scandal, Eric Trump’s Sad Call to Daddy & Kanye Shows Up Uninvited

Published on October 26, 2022

The big Black Panther: Wakanda Forever cast is on the show, it’s National Pumpkin Day, Kanye West showed up uninvited to the corporate headquarters for Skechers, some big name athletes have dropped his management company Donda Sports, Herschel Walker’s campaign for Senate is getting nuttier by the day, another woman has come forward to say that Herschel drove her to a clinic to have an abortion, Eric Trump has been making the rounds as part of the something called “The ReAwaken America Tour” and called his dad from the crowd, there is a lotto ticket worth $38 million that has gone unclaimed since April, and the cast of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever surprises fans on Hollywood Blvd.


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  • S 2 years ago

    Why they did the mans dirty likdat through the sneak peekin hole bitin on dem tickets

  • P M 2 years ago

    ‘This is where we at.’ Who says a college education is a requirement for a career in politics…? The very idea….

  • Dale Glenny 2 years ago

    OMG how beautiful are those proud black actors. Just beautiful.

  • Jimmy TheBold 2 years ago

    amazing suit, jimmy. just the best! so sexy

  • John Bula 2 years ago

    Adidas is following a down trend anyway.

  • Mike Upshon 2 years ago


  • George Malley 2 years ago

    It is a sad affair to witness the public actually see this guy as something worth listening to.
    He reads a script!.
    The American Public will believe anything their television tells them to believe.

  • michael bailey 2 years ago

    Eric had the crowd under a spell

  • TheMichael310 2 years ago

    Hershel honestly thinks his only son is Luke Sky Walker.

  • Vario 2 years ago

    Just trying to figure out if Jimmy will cry as much on Election Day as he did regarding his child.

  • Anthroninine Boyda 2 years ago

    Still attacking trump after 6 years lol

  • steve sebek 2 years ago

    west lost all that cash , and still has child support to pay , like trump did … if walker wins , yes you have peanuts for a brain … bring it on jr. ,but your dad would have just 2 words for each question , the 5th


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