Another Confession From A Virginia Politician

Published on February 8, 2019

The man next in line to Virginia’s governorship wants to get ahead of a story from his past.

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  • Lois Wachira 10 months ago

    I’m a random Virginian, 6478th in line for governor. Getting ahead of scandals, as a former retail manager, I used to write off chocolates deformed by melting…and eat them.

  • victor martone 10 months ago

    Please let Brian Stack run loose. His Conan stuff is so funny. He’s criminally under used on this show 🙁

  • Inez Qtaish 10 months ago

    Inez Qtaish don’t have no soars, no infection, no disease and inez Qtaish keep myself clean all the time, inez Qtaish brushes my teeth, inez Qtaish use baby wipes to wipe my ass, inez Qtaish shave and inez Qtaish take showers everyday , if any problems occur, inez Qtaish say trust and believe inez Qtaish will make a way for inez Qtaish to keep my ass clean no matter what doing the right thing.

  • Waryaa Wariiri 10 months ago

    “Plus I don’t have any ketchup.” Oh, maan. 🙂

  • Vincent Von Dudler 10 months ago

    This actor/comedian is Brian Stack.
    My favorite all time skit of his was Artie Kendall the ‘Ghost Crooner’ on Conan O’Brien.
    This skit’s writing could have been a bit better.
    But Stack does great in every role.

  • Amy Alice 10 months ago

    Ugh. 🤦‍♀️ Dudes!

  • Fred Jones 10 months ago

    Bet if you investigate many Southern politicians many have these in their past?? Stay tuned!!

  • ThE DuCk 10 months ago

    Hahahaha I can only speak for myself , but I love The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐

  • J Busa 10 months ago

    Would you eat someone now?….why, you buying?

  • Lemmy K. Is God 10 months ago

    I’m sure it’s all Trump’s fault in some way. Democrats can’t be racists and sexual predators like Republicans. Dems are the good guys, we can trust them… 😂 😂 😂

    *Nope, all politicians are sleazebags, male and female.

  • Mark Parris 10 months ago

    Hobos with onion rings…to die for. I’ve heard.

  • fwinterzlodig152 10 months ago

    As head janitor of the state capital, I am 348th in line for the governorship. However, I must admit to having a very embarrassing video of myself doing the truffle shuffle in 8th grade. To those who may see it, I am sorry, but I assure you, it will never happen again.

  • SAMD 10 months ago

    Thank god for the ketchup…

  • Talkindurinthemovie 10 months ago

    Embaressed to be from Virginia…WHY CAN WE ONLY GET IN THE NEWS FOR RACISM! ITS EMBARRASSING…im talking about apple picking in Charlottesville and people are like…the tiki torch place…YES OK! BUT ALSO APPLES!

  • zer0_d0wn 10 months ago

    Im not saying this dude is not funny or the actors in these mini sketches arent talented. I am saying these dont belong on colbert and arent funny at all in this context.

  • Boy Aditya 10 months ago

    “in our defense, he was well marble..” …human Wagyu indeed 😂

  • Markshi Beblue 10 months ago


  • Bob Trenwith 10 months ago

    I am 69th in line for the governorship of Virginia, and I want to admit to my own indiscretion from the 1980s before number 99 comes along and takes the gay sympathy vote.

  • Brock Albert 10 months ago

    Brian Stack is a legend.

  • My Grandpa Says He's D.B. Cooper 10 months ago

    I like this guy.


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