Another Blackface Controversy in Virginia & Gucci’s Racist Sweater | The Daily Show



  • Ebony White 1 week ago

    Skiing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ova Mie 1 week ago

    Lets make the sweater pink

  • linx finx 1 week ago

    Racism is a low iq statut

  • dirk adriaan 1 week ago

    Trevor it isn’t racist it is plain stupid!

  • Yolande Spalding 1 week ago

    Amen Noah!!!!!

  • John Currie 1 week ago

    You are not allowed to grow our change

    This is hate speech.

    Black people sure are Racist. All you ever talk about. It’s your excuse for waking up black again. No one cares but you .

  • Vifoxxy 1 week ago

    And that’s a retarded idea Trevor. I normally don’t jump to name-calling but seriously. Black people do not need to be paid of something that can be seen as offensive to them happens. And honestly how is this black face? It’s not black as actual people of color are. The only thing that you can make an argument for that is that it has big red lips but Jesus Christ even I got that when I go to party. Like shit really. Anything to do with reparations is retarded

  • Aadiel Essop 1 week ago

    This is soooooo ridiculous. That doesn’t resemble blackface.. it undoubtedly is blackface! Boycott Gucci, especially rappers

  • Akbar Brojosaputro 1 week ago

    That ain’t racist, that’s kaneki’s mask.

  • ZombieMommy 1 week ago

    If Gucci really wanted the attention and press they should have more color options in addition to black: yellow, red, and white. Why not go all out and piss EVERYONE off! Even bad press is preferred in a corporate marketplace. (sarcasm)

  • Luvie1980 1 week ago

    Proves once again that white people are obsessed with black people. …

  • Lucas Layton 1 week ago

    *It’s pronounced gucky.*

  • Fatma Said 1 week ago


  • Ray Shepherd 1 week ago

    Real talk. From now on, every time companies do racist things every targeted minority should get an extra 2000 dollars

  • Daira929 1 week ago

    I guess the same blacks who get offended by this, also get offended by my Balaclava then.
    Yeah I’m officially racist because I don’t want to freeze on my bike 😀

    I mean the “powerfull lerning” is not to not do this, but on how whiny some people are and how big of a fuzz they make

  • Lazarus 86 1 week ago

    Is it really black face? … Or just Americans thinking everything is about them. If it was a white shirt would it be OK or if the lips where a different color… What about black balaclava, are they racist.. I seriously think most people malicious intentions when they do things but other people interpreted as offencive so we should look in mirror and ask ourselves are we something looking for thi gs that are not there… Maybe because I’m not American I don’t understand what the hell is going on there.

  • Like Ender 1 week ago

    I see where the people criticizing Gucci are coming from but to seriously think that a fashion brand like Gucci would design clothes with the intent to show white supremecy or to generally be racist is just delusional. Because think about it. Why should they? It is just fashion / art (yes i cunt fashion as a form of art) and it is always up to the eye of the viewer. So if you want it to be racist you can definetly always find something that is racist, but if you dont then you dont.

  • Bam Perry 1 week ago

    Fuck Gucci

  • essa ahmed 1 week ago

    I don’t think it is offensive and and think it is unique and diffentely not my taste but it is just a swder

  • Naomi Gary 1 week ago

    fuck i hate that i’m from virginia :/ someone get me outta here


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