Anna Palmer & Jake Sherman – Covering Congress and “The Hill to Die On” | The Daily Show

Published on April 30, 2019

Politico Playbook writers Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman describe what it was like to cover the government shutdown up close and break down the dynamics at play in Congress.



  • KWL 1 year ago

    More like “the hill to kill for”

  • kimberly s 1 year ago

    “The longest shut-down in history” and “the wall”
    Trump is so desperate to put a mark in American history because he knows deep down he will always be remembered as the worst POTUS in the 21st century.

  • ISsa beats 1 year ago

    I’m here…?

  • Melissa Sayide 1 year ago

    I’m early trevah I’m early

  • MLG GAMER 1 year ago

    Wow so secretly he wishes he was as good as Pelosi? Interesting. I wonder when it will dawn on him that the reason he can’t get Republicans to unite is because his rhetoric is the one splitting it? He probably will never realize honestly

  • Turtleproof 1 year ago

    Democrats stick together? Oh, you mean to pass Republican Bill’s and wars.
    Trump does have a nickname for her and you said it: Nancy. Putting aside the archaic “Nancy boy” that he’d know, it is very disrespectful to address someone by first name instead of by last and without title or title Missus.

  • ForestRaptor 1 year ago

    There is a reason why the Democrats are slightly more organized behind a principle. Because they are basing most of their actions on facts, and don’t antagonize eachother openly…. also non of them are hit by dementia.

  • NitoNova 1 year ago

    But Pelosi doesn’t have ALL her kids in line. AOC & Omar are speaking truth to power & are criticizing the establishment democrats & not only republicans

  • Papergaery 1 year ago

    Dems Reps:
    Doesn’t it sort of seem like the classic saying:
    Same shit different flies?
    The rich get richer, the divide gets wider, and on and on …
    So yeah and also if you write about congress you need to walk around with a bullet proof west … she’s surely rocking it.

  • VALMER LYNN 1 year ago

    Its bad im a american security guard, and 90% of my clients employees are all mexican, im a american protectimg mexicans, trump unfollowed me on Twitter when i posted this. Smh i dont know why?

  • Billie Bergmann 1 year ago

    why is trevor only looking at the guy?

  • Paul B 1 year ago


  • Christel Headington 1 year ago

    A combined game of “keep away” & “king of the hill”.

  • Riley Young 1 year ago

    It sort of boggles my mind that Trump basically admits a reverence and respect for Pelosi. It’s hard to see amongst the rude rhetoric and childish actions that can be found in politics today.

  • Destiny Netope 1 year ago

    Power is sweet

  • Gordon Adams 1 year ago

    Was a time the GOP was the disciplined party and the Dems struggled to maintain unity. That was the sixties. During Reagan, the Dixiecrats jumped to the GOP. They brought all the turmoil of white supremecy with them. They added this to the Eastern business elite demands for lower taxes and smaller government. Toxic.

  • mad honeybee 1 year ago

    Seems I remember that man (< Reply

  • Marta Bilander 1 year ago

    Great course Trevor, thats what we need ? (however we will keep the jokings to relax people a bit 😉

  • Paul Zed 1 year ago



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