Andrew Weissmann: There Are A Lot Of Unanswered Questions Around Donald Trump’s Finances

Published on October 2, 2020

Lead prosecutor in the Mueller investigation and author of the new book, “Where Law Ends: Inside The Mueller Investigation,” says Trump’s refusal to turn over financial records to their investigation raised red flags that are further underlined by the recent reporting about Trump’s taxes in The New York Times. #Colbert #MuellerReport #AndrewWeissmann

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  • Pulaski Condo Association 2 years ago

    He owes Russia money . For sure they already bragged about it years ago he should not be the leader of this country.

  • honzak2 2 years ago

    In the end there will be no democracy but there will be a lot of interesting books to read.

  • Old Wisdom 2 years ago

    tRump and Melania have Covid!

  • lisa gibson 2 years ago

    So it ended at Trumps red line. This is pathetic. He’s not above the law. You should have done more. The problem with this investigation is it was done by the president. Since when does the president investigate himself??

  • martin M 2 years ago

    Who has COVID-19
    Bummer Quack Quack Trump time for him to INJECT BLEACH

  • Dominic C 2 years ago

    Why did you remove my comment? Just because I don’t favor Biden who is also a very flawed personality. YouTube must stop trying to suppress people’s opinions.

  • Larry Buzbee 2 years ago

    Go get’m Stephen.

  • Art Jacob 2 years ago

    This seems like a wake up call for US democracy, there seems to be way too much authority invested in the Presidency.

  • Murilo Melo 2 years ago

    This dude has a weird accent. He sounds like Glenn Greenwald.

  • Asphodel123456 2 years ago

    He has the same accent as Dr. Evil

  • Thierry Mad 2 years ago

    Is Trump positive Covid test another lie? In 3 days, he will say he has the best recovery in the history of recoveries!! He recovered like a miracle because he is the chosen one by Jesus himself!!! I can see that coming…

  • D Guitar 2 years ago

    Another one who didn’t have the stones to do what he should have done, but talks about how bad Donnie is in his new book.

  • insAneTunA 2 years ago

    The liar in chief and his wife have the Corona virus !!! And you know what…whatever happens to them they deserve every bit of it. As far as I am concerned it can’t be severe enough. I feel zero sympathy for those two disgusting people. Please Mr. Trump, take one of those injections that you recommended. I bet that he is not laughing so hard anymore about Biden wearing a mask. Folks, at the end of the day education and logic’s and critical thinking wins over stupidity. Survival of the fittest, right? Goodbye campaign and maybe even goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Trump.

  • serge quick 2 years ago

    THIS GUY Isn’t even funny he is just a shill for the DEMS

  • Iron Fan 2 years ago

    Failure by:-
    – Drumph, to be a good President, human, truthful, not racist or xenophobic, not kill 200 THOUSAND *PLUS* Americans, ETC.
    – Republican politicians, to stand up to him. To show any spine at all.
    – Democrat politicians, to stop him, even with all of the ammo he gave them.
    – The American “Justice” system, to hold him accountable/stop him as well.
    – So called “Christians” that did and STILL support him.

  • Bill Kerr 2 years ago


  • Sandra Whitlock 2 years ago

    Barr is a manipulative, underhanded, lying POS, that has no qualms in regards to completely destroy our country.

  • zhader 2 years ago

    Hahaha Trump got covid-19 😂😂 that is just too perfect!!

  • BBBRave 2 years ago

    Unbelievable. America. Democracy? Ryle of law? OMG. We are all fucked. I now regret not letting Obama hold grip and appointment Robert Mugabi as his A G. And flood the Supreme Court with … BUT…


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