Anderson Cooper: Donald Trump Defies All the Laws of Politics – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Published on August 12, 2015

Donald Trump’s success in the GOP primary race is clearly an anomaly, according to Anderson Cooper.

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  • ‫صبرية احمد‬‎ 4 years ago

    Anderson is surprisingly funny… and always adorable

  • m villegas 4 years ago

    bernie 2016

  • Kiwi-T2 4 years ago

    I don’t know who this Anderson Cooper guy is…but i like him

  • Booster Gold 4 years ago

    Anderson Cooper is pretty much the single decent person at CNN.

  • Elizabeth B 4 years ago

    Anderson is my second favorite famous male, out of my top 10.
    1) Chris Meloni
    2) Anderson Cooper
    3) Joe Bidden
    4) Barrack Obama
    5) Peter Herman
    6) Richard Belzer
    7) Ice T
    8) Shane Dawson
    9) Shay Carl
    10) John Stamos

  • Wednesday's Serial 4 years ago

    That end card music ends on such a downer.

  • Chucky Justice 4 years ago

    No talent Seth at it again.

  • Potatohead827 4 years ago

    nice interview

  • Pedro Caldeira 4 years ago


  • juan rosa 4 years ago


  • chosen sheep 4 years ago

    the trump sees everything

  • Read_My_Feels991 4 years ago

    with all fairness to Cooper candidates are not supposed to be entertaining.
    If they are, good on them, but it’s not (or at least shouldn’t be) their
    primary job. There job is to be a respectable leader.

  • Joe Johnson 4 years ago

    Trump 2016.

  • Ricardo Cabral 4 years ago

    bernie will win it

  • Hamster Nipples 4 years ago

    laws of politics. you must be an idiot

  • OkItsOurTube 4 years ago

    He asked if he thought Sanders was viable, and Cooper spent the rest of the
    conversation talking about Clinton

  • Mucky Pup 4 years ago

    Anderson Cooper respects Trump. Very good to hear a reasonable person
    talking about all the hype.

  • Mucky Pup 4 years ago

    Seth seems really fixated on Trump’s opinion of him.

  • Jesus Saves 4 years ago

    Anderson Cooper, that was very nice how you spoke about Mr. Trump.
    I believe Mr. Trump will be one of the best Presidents ever. My family and
    I plan on voting for
    Mr. Trump. It’s going to be truly amazing to watch him accomplish all the
    things he wants to get handled while in office. Mr. Trump doesn’t play! And
    I know America is going to enjoy watching him work, and listen to him speak
    about these leaders from Russia, Iran, and Israel. It’s going to be

  • Chad Bays 4 years ago

    No BS… Trump 100%

  • Alice Swanderful 4 years ago

    Trump doesn’t stand a chance in hell of winning any election. Only crazy
    right-wingers would vote for him, as well as people who hate women,
    racists, bigots and homophobes. I’m enjoying watching him run though. He’s
    absolutely crazy, so hilarious to watch. I do hope he wins the Republican
    primaries though. Hillary will kick his ass in a general election. No
    problem. Will be fabulous to see.

  • ElectronicPost 4 years ago

    1:09 what does he say here? ‘And he texts you in the process’, or
    something? cant hear it clearly

  • cinemadome blog 4 years ago

    Remember folks, Anderson Cooper has had dicks in his mouth

  • DoYouThinkForUrselF 4 years ago

    Cooper worked for the CIA. The CIA often bragged about how much
    influence they had over the media. Research project Mockingbird, was a
    CIA program who’s goal was to influence media. I don’t really believe
    anything I see on TV, but from Cooper I am even more suspicious.

  • senni chan 4 years ago

    Yeah, I remember when Seth was back on SNL, he used to be the guy
    impersonate Anderson Cooper…. with a very-fake wig and chin down to make
    a serious face…

  • Stephen Yount 4 years ago

    I can’t stand CNN but if you go back and look at the Anderson Cooper
    interview of Trump, was pretty decent. If you look at Mr Coopers face while
    he’s interviewing he’s actually starts grinning, and was kind of more
    casual, He knows he’s got the ratings, over everyone that day, there’s no
    need to press. He’s smart enough to know that the campaign is long and that
    he will definitely get many more interviews with Trump, so there’s no need
    to alienate him, and possibly be turned down for future interviews.

  • Akash Abraham 4 years ago

    Seems like Seth Meyers is a bit mad that Trump is so popular

  • Estefania M. 4 years ago

    Bernie Sanders!!!

  • Iam Stuckhere 4 years ago

    Great banter, seemed relaxed and not forced :)

  • KW C. 4 years ago

    Trumps a puppet for the clintons

  • Jack Pot 4 years ago

    Look at those two desperate faggots yap their B.S. Both suck….
    literally… both shows ratings are crash diving…. and both are liberal
    political hacks and whores…..

    What a perfect couple they make for each other.

  • Jim Billings 4 years ago

    chump…. The clown

  • FuckYouGooXgle 4 years ago

    Bernie 2016

  • FuckYouGooXgle 4 years ago

    Bernie 2016

  • iRazenrak 4 years ago

    I’d love to interview Trump tbh

  • Scwurt 4 years ago

    You seriously can’t believe Trump is the one actually doing all the
    tweeting. Surely he has hired a bunch of interns to do this for him using
    his account. I mean, how hard can it be to tweet things that sound like
    Donald Trump? All you need is a few buzz words like: loser, frankly, very
    very rich, and fat cow. Voila! The world is convinced you are the Trump
    on Twitter.

  • bisquitnspanky 4 years ago

    No. Not true. Reagan, the co-star of a chimp, president of the hollywood
    actors union, long time Democrat and supporter of FDR, former TV star, man
    who favored one-liners written for him on cards he kept in his pocket over
    reasoned knowledgeable responses, was elected to 2 terms as a Republican
    and is still the Republican’s hero even though his actions in office were
    more those of a liberal Democrat than a Republican. All Donald needs is a
    cowboy hat and boots.

  • Bruce Howard 4 years ago

    Those two disgusting queers need to take the dicks out of their ears.
    Frankly, I wish they both would just go away. It is people like those that
    got us strapped down on a lethal injection gurney with Obama shoving in the

  • jimmy c 4 years ago

    why does anderson cooper inject himself with estrogen?

  • Andrew Emerson 4 years ago

    Trump 2016

  • eva scharfe 4 years ago

    When Seth Meyers couldn’t get A. Cooper to jump on the bandwagon and bash
    Trump the scripted jokes he had prepared weren’t relevant.

  • Megarational 4 years ago

    He asked about Bernie Sanders, and Cooper did what his media wanted,
    immediately changed the subject to Biden and Hillary.

    Fucking corporate media.

    Bernie Sander is another Teddy Roosevelt/Dwight Eisenhower/JFK in our
    midst, and the corporate media are trying to marginalize him.


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