Amy Sedaris Has Rabbit Stories

Published on October 24, 2017

The eponymous star of ‘At Home with Amy Sedaris’ catches up with her old pal Stephen with some bunny-based anecdotes.

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  • athews1976 1 year ago

    Super cute ^_^

  • Alyson's Canvases 1 year ago

    Please a SWC reunion!

  • Brn. Bear 1 year ago

    Was there a company email telling the guests to rip into Stephen? lol

  • Tyler Stamm 1 year ago

    It makes me so happy to see these two good friends back together! I would love to see her more regularly!

  • stolenrims 1 year ago

    Can’t see Amy without smiling.

  • Sunrisediagnostika 1 year ago

    2:53 – LOL how Colbert hides his smile behind his fingers. Especially how he decides to utilize his little finger as well to make sure she can’t see him laughing. Love their friendship.

  • Reciclando 1 year ago

    They look like such good friends! 🙂

  • neurofire 1 year ago

    Amy is always watchable and funny and original. The Sedaris family have a lock on synaptic connections few can make – at full throttle. She’s a powerhouse and deserves more facetime Stephen!

  • Dvdsky 1 year ago

    Dear Stephen and CBS: The Public wants an hour/full episode with just Stephen, Amy, and Paul. The customer IS always right, ya know? (…I’m trying, here, guys…) 😉

  • Rod Ham 1 year ago

    Amy and Stephen! And Paul is basically still there, I just have to rewatch Strangers with Candy now!!

  • Isaac The Fallen Apple 1 year ago

    Holy shit, I only knew her from Bojack, she’s fucking hilarious.

  • Yo Yo Matso 1 year ago

    I miss stranger’s with candy. Stephen, you haven’t changed.

  • WarriorPhilosopher1 1 year ago

    I love this! Amy Sedaris and Stephen have such history, she knew right where to pinch him at 6:32, and his response was so pure, it was priceless!

  • Love The New Name 1 year ago

    Strangers With Candy was so funny and so messed up.

  • Eddie Panedi 1 year ago

    Did you guys completely fail to see Stephen act like a total wuss? All I know, is if I ever get on this show, I’m calling him Steve and talking about his ear the whole fucking time.

  • christie cameron 1 year ago

    I literally never noticed his ear until now.

  • pwk22 1 year ago

    “Exit 57” was one of the greatest shows of all time. So weird.

  • John Ellingson 1 year ago

    i HAVE been dreaming for this moment !!!!!!!

  • jbyesterday 1 year ago

    Love Amy. Here’s a smart,witty & very funny lady not unafraid to roll with the praises & the punches. I think she’s beautiful too !!

  • Marck T 1 year ago

    Wtf i love her


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