Amy Schumer Explains Prank on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – The Graham Norton Show

Published on June 5, 2015

Amy Schumer gives the inside scoop on why she pranked Kim and Kanye on the red carpet, and what their reactions were after.

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  • The Graham Norton Show 4 years ago

    Amy Schumer gives the inside scoop on why she pranked Kim and Kanye on the
    red carpet, and what their reactions were after.

  • Aj Madic 4 years ago

    Samuel L Jackson did not seem impressed, lol.

  • myoldreteacher 4 years ago

    She is a super funny lady and this is, word-for-word, the exact same
    explanation complete with same throwaway gags she gave Jimmy Kimmel… but
    without the shiny legs!

  • test804 4 years ago

    did someone spill oil on her legs?

  • Saqib Munir 4 years ago

    Feel free to add on to this list of artists who have spoken positively
    about Kanye West’s work.

    Lou Reed
    Michael Jackson
    Bruce Springsteen
    Paul McCartney
    Noel Gallagher
    Elton John
    Jack White
    Mick Jagger
    Herbie Hancock
    Trent Renzor
    Axel Rose
    Randy Newman
    Sam Smith

    Yeah “only” 21 Grammys, 3 albums on Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Albums of
    All Time” MBDTF, late registration, college dropout, also on Rolling
    Stone’s the 40 most groundbreaking albums of all time – 808s & Heartbreak,
    and 6 multi platinum critically acclaimed albums

  • Blubberylion 4 years ago

    No respectable celebrity tolerates/respects her

  • Mario Habijanec 4 years ago

    It’s not really a good prank if you have to explain it.

  • MangGiwiCrew 4 years ago

    Samuel L. Jackson didn’t give a single fuck.

  • MrPastitsios007 4 years ago

    What in god’s name is wrong with her legs

  • karen oconnor 4 years ago

    at least kim and kayne aren’t using this to fund a career for the next
    year, they have actual stuff going on. She makes a living out of trying to
    take other people down. Not admirable.

  • drgonzo212 4 years ago

    Nothing she said had any comedic value. ZERO. All of that was polite

  • TheCelticTiger32 4 years ago

    There’s only one explanation for those shiny legs, sues iron lady

  • 2ndRatePetronius 4 years ago

    Died cackling with laughter: “Kim and Kanye, just standing there, just,
    like, owning it, just, like, being, like, short and important.”

  • TheHehe1223 4 years ago

    How many times is she going to tell this story

  • Daniel Danielsen 4 years ago

    Like a Madam! You win the internet Amy.

  • ash colin 4 years ago

    samuel’s such a miserable fuck

  • Maska Jinzo 4 years ago

    lol typical, wallmart crowd, lardass american
    yeah she sexy allright ahahahahaha maybe in bizarro world

  • Selina Perie 4 years ago

    Who is she? She popped out of nowhere.

  • Sacratus 4 years ago

    “prank” … is it really a prank if you have to explain for several minutes

  • Konstantin Sandler 4 years ago

    A roast of Kanye West would be amazing

  • Noemi Roche 4 years ago

    hahahahaha Fuck I actually love you!!!

  • CrazyWedz 4 years ago

    It wasn’t funny. She’s no better than that idiot from the Ukraine that does
    this on a regular basis.

  • calgon 4 years ago

    Too overhyped for someone who is not funny.

  • BadassRandomness 4 years ago

    It seems like only 12 year old girls find Schumer funny.
    I do not find her funny at all

  • Daniel Llewellyn 4 years ago

    Sam wasn’t havin it

  • QU3STION5 4 years ago

    I wonder what Samuel Jackson really thinks about everything around him. He
    looks like he’s beyond and above it all in a painfully quiet way. I’d love
    to be in a pub lock-in with him and just listen to him tear the world
    apart. I want to hear what he really wants to say.

    Thumb my comment up, you cunts.

  • Adam Sanchez 4 years ago

    Amy uses the same shtick for every show.

  • Vlaka 4 years ago

    What a bush pig.

  • Rebecca Lyons 4 years ago

    I saw Jackson on the street during this week! Glad to know now why he was
    in town. 

  • PrecisionWrittens 4 years ago

    How is there no video of this? They got like a billion cameras flashing but
    the only video is from like 20 yards away, after amy gets up

  • Art Vandelay 4 years ago

    Am I the only one thinking that she would pick up a drink and go “So let’s
    raise a glass…” during the entire episode?

  • animator1982 4 years ago

    Ahahaha…she is awesome 🙂 “You and your sisters are so inspiring” amazing
    girl :)

  • keithhh2892 4 years ago

    I’m so sick of this cow. I was aware of her standup yearrrsss ago and never
    thought she was funny. It’s always been “look at me, I’m not young anymore
    but I still act like I do and have sex too much and drink too much like a
    college girl hahaha, isn’t that so funny. Let me just find as many ways as
    possible to refer back to that premise. Haha. So funny. Oh, and I’m very
    average (that’s very generous) looking in case you haven’t noticed, but I
    still have sex a lot anyways cause desperate men don’t turn down sex. Haha.
    That’s funny. I’m slutty but idc. Haha. Isn’t that funny?” Fucking stupid.
    She’s like the female Dane Cook. And now she’s getting famous all of a
    sudden mainly because all these blogs online are proclaiming her as a big
    feminist hero. They’re so desperate to find a funny female lol. Also, some
    of the sketches on her show this year were actually surprisingly funny,
    despite the show being atrocious in previous years. They probably just
    hired some better writers. She sure as hell isn’t writing that stuff. And
    that’s the other big factor in her recent rise to fame, and she has nothing
    to do with it. Just because her name is on the show, she gets the credit in
    terms of public opinion. God, I hate her. Please make another joke about
    the condition of your body and vagina and pretend like you’re not just
    ripping off Louis CK’s standup. Fucking cow

  • Marco Sartori 4 years ago

    Wow at the black guy never smiling. Amazing

  • Claus Appel 4 years ago

    I love Samuel L. Jackson’s face when he nods at 1:00. :D

  • George Blue 4 years ago

    I would bang her, again! lol

  • Carolyn Roesbery 4 years ago

    love her so much– funniest person in the world right now

  • 808aaq 4 years ago

    are you guys hiring at dash?! lmfao

  • Akherousia502 4 years ago

    I used to think Amy Schumer was a boring hack of a comedian. Now I realize
    that’s just her personality.


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