Amy Poehler Thinks Social Distancing Is a Kink

Published on April 3, 2020

Amy Poehler talks about what she’s been doing to occupy her time while social distancing and discusses social distancing as a kink and raising kids during the pandemic.

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  • DD O'Brien 7 months ago

    I swore she was gonna climb out of that cabinet when he introduced her! LOL

  • Mer Kin 7 months ago

    Made it easy for me to break up with my (now ex-) girlfriend…

  • paul Z 7 months ago

    She’s still so adorable

  • Cristy Hartig 7 months ago

    Love all of this Seth! You’re my favourite host, so glad to see you every night.

  • Mister Derp 7 months ago

    How does she keep getting hotter?

  • Christopher Merlot 7 months ago

    Something tells me that Amy Poehler’s erotica is really, really weird. Bring it!

  • anika dev 7 months ago

    2:06 Seems they’re flirting with each other. Well, I used to ship them during their SNL days, so…

  • Ganiscol 7 months ago

    ‘Like’ was the most used word in that conversation 😄

  • Doris Leyba 7 months ago

    …….Im laughing because they are good artist, right now and continuously I am listening to Sirens, it sounds like a war zone here in ENY Brooklyn, my apt in a high riser near a major travel road to Brookdale & Kings County Hospitals, so quite for a large city, thats all we hear, are Sirens. 😥 I personally know 7 ppl gone due to the virus, all lung failure. @Late Night with Seth Meyers, be safe ish has gotten real here in Qns & Bk ✌🏽

  • KevinNashiscool 7 months ago

    Kinky germaphobia 😷 watching people washing their hands.

  • Mariode Nemmeth 7 months ago

    Does she have a piece of the wildflower mural from Parks and Rec in her home ?

  • Bull Durham 7 months ago

    People, if you plan of having sex with a girl you just met, put on a condom and make sure you remain 15 ft. from her. 🤪

  • Janet Miller 7 months ago

    Amy’s looking gorgeous!

  • Nick Sweat 7 months ago

    Yep, Howie Mandel is pissed everybody’s stealing his act…

  • Chilltownify 7 months ago

    Amy is my kink❤❤

  • lessls 7 months ago

    Completely unrelated to my favourite content being portrayed here (Seth and Amy banter on literally any topic they might come to honestly), but Seth having Thorn Birds on display is speaking to me on a deeper emotional level than anything else has these past weeks. Read Thorn Birds, yall <3

  • Brain Drain 7 months ago

    Love Amy ‘au naturale’. What a beauty. And a real talent

  • charl KRIEK 7 months ago

    There is such a kink. It is called Hazmat play.
    I wonder if the kink will survive this normalisation….

  • bladerunner900 7 months ago

    I loved her as Andys little sister on conan.


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