Amy Poehler Forced Andy Samberg to Be Her Baking It Co-Host

Published on November 25, 2021

Andy Samberg talks about how Amy Poehler reached out to film the upcoming series Baking It, wearing fleece socks and Tevas before it was cool and gives a new meaning to the abbreviation NBC.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Mae Anne Ngo 2 years ago

    That’s one expensive furniture behind Andy

  • I suck at Gaming 2 years ago

    Palm Spring was so good, love this movie!!

  • April JK 2 years ago

    This old guy is the nards.

  • Dominic Walsh 2 years ago

    Pfft. You waste 6 minutes on this when you could have 6 minutes of Frisbee!?

  • First Name Last Name 2 years ago

    that cake clip didn’t makw wanna watch that show

  • cosmicballet 2 years ago

    Throughout this whole pandemic, has anyone questioned what’s with Andy’s delicate East Asian Zoom background.
    I feel like we know so much more about coronavirus, but no one has got to the bottom of this.

  • Nathan Gebben 2 years ago

    These 2 need a podcast together

  • Patrick Barrineau 2 years ago

    CORRECTION: it’s not pronounced Tee-va, it’s pronounced Teh-va

  • leesykate 2 years ago

    People call nuts “nads” in Australia if that is any consolation to the lack of nard use?

  • biodigital jazz 2 years ago

    Yes I to love seeing these to talk it’s so much fun to watch a millionaire talk to another millionaire While I Work 7 days a week for doordash sleeping in my car hoping to save enough money to start a business with a food trailer and get a place to live” no it’s totally fine life is fair it’s great I’m fine with it”!!


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