Amy Poehler and Seth Reminisce About Their 2001 SNL Auditions

Published on July 14, 2021

Amy Poehler talks to Seth about when they auditioned for Saturday Night Live 20 years ago, gushes over her Making It co-star Nick Offerman and shares her experience working with Late Night producer Michael Shoemaker.

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  • demonsnfan 2 years ago

    I could just watch these two forever

  • Marc Avon Evans 2 years ago

    This is the best run ever!!! I love them together. I am laughing my ass off virtually!!! #virtualaudience

  • Claudia Miller 2 years ago

    What a great team….”Shoemaker Whisperers”………bless you!

  • GRANT KEARNEY 2 years ago

    Brilliant. Just magic riffing.

  • OfficialDungeons 2 years ago

    Jesus I bet Poehler is who Amy Schumer wishes she could be

  • Rachel Clark 2 years ago

    I had a dream last night that Amy and I were best friends. It was neato

  • Fatboy25 2 years ago

    I really feel sorry for people now anyone who watches this crap totally enjoys wasting their time I dont.

  • TheSwedishLad 2 years ago

    Lovely chat

  • Ben Punter 2 years ago

    Come On!, Give these 2 a podcast already.

  • imamsawez 2 years ago

    Please don’t bring back the audience.

  • Andrew Ashton 2 years ago

    So THIS is Tiny Secret Whispers! Now I understand why Seth is so obsessed with it!

  • TheGreatAtario 2 years ago

    That whole whispering part felt like the Fred Armisen/Vanessa Bayer “_________’s Best Friends From Growing Up” bit

  • Zohra A 2 years ago

    this is HILARIOUS they’re really like Emmys aren’t watching we’re going to do whatever the hell we want

  • FN- 2187 2 years ago

    I’m WAYY to high for these two being, well, these two.

  • Rich Sackett 2 years ago

    I was thinking “She looks about 45”. She’s 49.

  • Kay Lane 2 years ago

    The whispering about shoemaker reminds me of the weekend update bit vanessa bayer and fred armisen used to do hahaha

  • embrio 2 years ago

    And then Shoemaker told me, “I’m gonna M. Night M. Night!” 💀

  • Sean Matyas 2 years ago

    So…this is the difference between a random guest who has their one “funny/interesting” story prepared and just two funny people having a good time.

    I usually hate the guest spots but when you get a real comedian in there it just makes it so much fun to watch.

  • Christopher Bedford 2 years ago

    The SNL reminiscences sound like a Tiny Secret Whispers improv bit. But how can anyone really know. Kinda lost on me, not one glimmer of a smile through all of that.


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