America’s Leadership Vacuum Is The Reason Our Covid Situation Is So Dire

Published on November 16, 2020

News that the current president hasn’t attended a Coronavirus task force briefing in several months is further proof that executive mismanagement is the primary reason the United States is faring so poorly amid the pandemic. #Colbert #Monologue #ALateShow

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  • Euro ANTIFA 2 years ago

    Just like the Hindenburg

    emily murphy. fat, dangerous and supporting a fascist doctrine.

  • Critic4ACritic 2 years ago

    A bottle of bourbon 🥃 n fudge brownie ice cream…breakfast 🤣😂😂

  • Dan Da man 2 years ago

    All you talk shows that’s on the Dr fauci wagon brigade is a bunch of stupid idiots…bought and sold to big pharma…I dream of fauci getting cut with a razor slicing half his face off,for expecting humanity to bow before him ,so he can make more billions off his vaccine to put in his pocket… And the frustrating thing about it is these dumb scientists who are not scientists at all, have all these puppets propagating lies to their own demise, against their own health against their own freedom 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😑🖕

  • TheBunnyodeath 2 years ago

    so Stephan . . . why do you allow this. by not saying how insane or wrong this is. by demand in ? the 25th amebdment removing Trump from power for being insane. anyone that tweets I won the election when he didn’t is clearly disjointed from reality why are we not demanding sanity and reality. that’s your job media

  • ck2d 2 years ago

    Million maggot march

  • bubbledoubletrouble 2 years ago

    Is it just me or does his hair seem a little more gray?

  • Nickolas Charles 2 years ago

    You could say a good president is one who can be the bigger man.
    Too bad all this one can do is be the bigger baby.

  • Honeydew Melon 2 years ago

    Trump is so ugly he’s pixelated lmao

  • Rennis Tora 2 years ago

    Oh god, yeah that’s like someone I know in social media who said they planned to eat somewhere with a friend before rona, but still went through with it…

  • roisuke 2 years ago

    So tired of hearing about a new member of some level of government doing an unprecedented thing and finding out it’s another Trump loyalist

  • It's Better 2gether 2 years ago

    Question 🙋… Any1 know Why are all trump names shown on screen are shown as “T****”? 🤔

  • Aleisa Etheridge 2 years ago


  • redstart67 2 years ago

    Breaking news: Rudi Giuliani has just discovered a hitherto unknown extra amendment to the US Constitution, written in Sharpie, that awards the Presidency to anybody who Tweets victory while using the term “hereby”!

  • J-Dubb 2 years ago

    Don’t worry MAGA fans! If you’re feeling down and don’t want Biden to be your president I have good news! It turns out there’s another country with a short fat dictator with a bad haircut who is prone to familial nepotism, hates democracy, has totalitarian tendencies and makes up crazy conspiracy theories as well as boasting about achievements he never actually accomplished!
    It’s North Korea! There you can enjoy worshipping your Great Leader while living in a world completely detached from reality! Globalism got you down? No sweat! North Korea is almost completely isolated from the rest of the world! Main Stream Media have you furious that they are criticizing your idol? Then you’ll love that they make sure the media never criticizes the government! Its a MAGA paradise!

  • brightpage1020 2 years ago

    Dear Colbert, I love your show and enjoyed sharing your book I Am America And So Can You with friends and relatives when it came out. I also shared your sentiment the day after the election.

    Please help me with some befuddlement and confusion I have regarding media. As things have gotten weirder, I may have strayed from normal info sources. Most of them I don’t take seriously or at least I take them with a grain of salt, but this one sort of got me a little. I have no idea if this link is legit, and I’m hoping your viewers can help me figure it out. Is this just another one of those weird foil hat conspiracy theories? Thanks in advance. Here’s the link. It’s to a Youtube channel of an apparent Irish or Canadian guy or something…

    I didn’t want to go down a rabbit hole without fact checking but I’m not sure at this point which fact checkers are trustworthy or even valuable at all. I’m hoping I’m just nuts for even entertaining a silly dystopian fantasy like this one… Right?


  • Donyce19 2 years ago

    I real life LOL’d at Acoustic Sad

  • Nembula 2002 2 years ago

    This one’s a gem

  • TheMRmatt007 2 years ago

    12:20 Fantastico!

  • Mr Swamp Gass 2 years ago

    I guess now woul be a good time to scam the maga crowd. I wouldn’t feel bad taking their money.

  • Sandra S 2 years ago

    So Murphy says she and every president can just ignore the election, file a lawsuit and then we can’t have a transfer of power until all the lawsuits are over. So I guess any future president like Biden, can just file a lawsuit and remain in office for as long as he wants. Heck why have elections at all, if we can just ignore them? Someone should be arresting and prosecuting Murphy right now for treason! When a person like Murphy just ignores the law saying she needs to do her job, then she should not have her job. Murphy is endangering America’s national security….Arrest her!


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