America’s High Ideals Aren’t On Display At U.S. Detention Facilities

Published on June 25, 2019

The President’s Customs and Border Protection Commissioner resigned without giving an explanation. Stephen fills in the blanks. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue

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  • Faraz Siddiqui 4 months ago

    Trump has made racist people more open to society

  • T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE 4 months ago

    Failed Gambles? I like those kinds, as we did in the 2016 election. how about double or nothing this go around? Every day that America focuses on what doesn’t matter is another day it grows a little less capable of doing what does.  ~T. Bone

  • PtolemyJones 4 months ago

    It Trumps previous behavior is any measure, he asked this guy to resign because he wasn’t evil enough.

  • X 4 months ago

    Cut the head off the snake.

  • Alphonsa Davis 4 months ago

    Isn’t these children concentration camps the same types of places that Adolf Hitler used to put the poor Jews in.. We told you weaklings that Trump would be just like Hitler, or maybe even worse, and nobody believed it. The Republican party has become just as callous as the Nazi Gestapo were. They actual approve of keeping kids imprisoned without bathing, brushing their teeth, or any human comforts at all. These are babies and children, and they don’t give one shit. These cowards are not real Americans. These folks are the dregs of life that their mothers never loved. If they had ever had parents who loved them then they would know how to love the little children. God has pulled the covers off of America, and has shown the whole world what rotten, low-life, scumbags a section of America really is. How in the hell did these scumbags go throughout the world condemning other countries about violating someone’s civil rights, when they themselves are filth.

  • Brent Stone 4 months ago

    I wish the right-wing Christians would follow Jesus teachings instead of the BS that Trump is dishing out.

  • VianneyCreates 4 months ago

    Disney just brought Cinderella out of the vault, my babies.

  • joe mwai 4 months ago

    When he says that he doesn’t need an exit strategy watch the lady in the background looking for her exit strategy 😂😂😂😂

  • True Blue 4 months ago

    “I believe that […]our great country is the best last hope for mankind”, I think you should take it down a notch especially now that American excepionalism has been exposed for what it is: a view that has no basis on reality.

  • Mindy Hitchcock 4 months ago

    So true, Stephen. THAT is the family separation we are all longing for! Lock him up, lock him up!!

  • American Made 4 months ago

    Anybody notice how Colbert never mentiones that Hillary Clinton and the Demonrats paid for the documents to deceive the fisa court so they could spy on Trump’s campaign… Colbert proves everyday how corrupt and rotten Demonrats really are… When he stirs up a civil war he will be one of the first ones to go…. And we are getting close…. Sick freaks like Colbert are in for a horrendous Awakening….CBS sucks🇺🇸

  • Jim S 4 months ago

    What do tbese stupid liberals want trump to do take all the children of the world from all countries and forget about U S citizens and their children

  • Bridget V. 4 months ago

    America you know you’re doomed when Taliban & Somali pirates are being seen as more humans than this administration..

  • Gillie S 4 months ago

    The only use I have for this idiot of a President is the border wall and he can’t even get that done

  • Rodney Smart 4 months ago

    “The buck stops somewhere else”

  • Darlene McHugh 4 months ago

    Thanks for bringing up FOX NOT News … they’re such a big part of the propaganda! Good Monologue tonight! Thanks

  • Arron Bates 4 months ago

    um… the big metal bitch is made of copper. bronze wouldn’t get the green patina. just say’n 😉

  • oldrrocr 4 months ago

    When Donny says “I don’t think I have ever spoke to him, Don’t know him… that he has and he did.
    You know that guy Sanders was doing exactly what Don the Con told him to do… but got canned when the polling results came in.
    Can’t jeopardize re-election can we? You are going to prison, Donny!

  • maxglide 4 months ago

    literally just fucking makes things up as he goes along….

  • clay booth 4 months ago

    put your time and money where your mouth is steve. go to texas, spend a couple of your many millions and show trump how its done. surely you care enough to part with a mere 10% of your millions to right such a wrong correct? you do care enough to take the time off the show right? you do believe your own words I’m sure. surely you wouldnt use mexican children deaths as a foundation for just another laugh right? c’mon steve… go to texas, spend only 5 million. build a humane facility to hold all the people required, rasie some money from your dozens of multi millionaire friends, surely the anti-trump hollywood elite all care enough to give buck too right? I can’t wait to see it!


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