America’s Got Mike Pence Fever!

Published on July 16, 2016

Excitement about Trump’s running-mate announcement has spread like a contagion. The main symptom of Pence Fever: Knowing who Mike Pence is.

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  • Trapped in Theta 3 years ago

    My first first? But is it a First for Firsts or a last first?

  • levitane 3 years ago

    Clearly Donald picked him for the pun-potential of a surname that rhymes
    with fence.
    Mike Fall and Mike Hexican must have turned it down.

  • Mikhail369 3 years ago

    okay you made me laugh..

  • PurpleHairClip 3 years ago

    TRUMP and PENCE are a sign that the WHITES in this country are getting
    riled up. They know that their future is in jeopardy… Before a new civil
    war erupts we need to rethink the possibility of slavery and making the
    WHITES pick cotton for US! A truly ironic end to their power.

  • Kira Kira 3 years ago

    I guess a chance to speak in the convention and a cabinet position were to
    attractive for Ted Cruz .

  • Jonathan Davies 3 years ago

    We definitely have some sort of fever. I’m already sick of him.


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