America’s Failing Power Grid – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on February 25, 2021

America’s electrical grid is under threat from climate change, hackers, and even rogue squirrels. If you don’t know, now you know. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow

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  • Cqc Logic 2 years ago

    While you’re blending a smoothie Donald Trump is using the same electricity to shred his tax return.😭😭

  • Deidrianna Jacobsen 2 years ago

    Third world country with a Gucci belt

  • Extra Leben 2 years ago

    In austria or germany.. most people dont have an air conditioner… We do something like “smart windowing”.. means to open the window in the morning when it is still fresh outside and then close it, close the blinds and chill ^^

  • bernard isaac 2 years ago

    Texas chose to have shitty electric

  • xseqer 2 years ago

    I’ve seen the psychopaths blame many things for the hardships and pain their blind parasitic greed cause the rest of us but, squirrels? We can’t defend ourselves against squirrels? Naw, you’re trying to drag me into trump psyche…Squirrels? And we have no technology that can protect our power grid from…squirrels? Naw, there are squirrels in our power grid but not the little furry, usually vegan rodents. How about design flaws and beyond obsolete technology and shortchanged maintenance to raise profits and those in charge not really giving a shit? Our elite is sucking the life out of America and it will all crumble, like the mess that is Texas, at the worst possible time. And, no doubt, it’ll be the squirrels that end us…

  • Ling Siow Chang 2 years ago

    I like watching the Daily Show, but the repeatitive age joke about Joe Biden is getting old…

  • Lea B 2 years ago

    Looks at the USA’s 214 minutes a year power loss. Laugh-cries in Lebanese

  • Trisha Eastman 2 years ago

    Ok… it’s official! Squirrels are my heros! They’re the resistance force of nature…small, quick, cunning and cute! They have to do something to fight back to the encroachment of their habitats! 😂

  • Chahail Naidoo 2 years ago

    😂 They should try loadshedding. If you know, you know

  • Jags 2 years ago

    lol, What

  • Aaryn Magee 2 years ago

    Lmfao. Just think if the government didn’t kill then steal Nikolai Tesla’s work We would have all had free electricity from the sky

  • Chantal Coolsma 2 years ago

    If squirrels are the problem, then put your cables underground. If you can shoot rockets with Space Force soldiers into space, you can also work around that problem.

  • Vic at Nyte 2 years ago

    I guess everyone forgot about the east coast blackout

  • Varun Harry 2 years ago

    My wife :- What happened to his HAIR !

    Me :- What do you think happened?

    My Wife :- Looks like he is electrified!

  • Paul Crozer 2 years ago

    Republican party would rather give Billionaires Trillion dollar tax cuts than fix our crumbling infrastructure!

  • Mad Hatter 2 years ago

    I dont sleep well knowing our nukes are updating to a high tech internet connected systems. Versus the older analog systems

  • mo lusio 2 years ago

    😂😂😂 you already did an election

  • Willy Madison 2 years ago

    The tricky pocket individually tour because squid cytopathologically disagree among a plucky competitor. jaded, trite octave

  • akhil s 2 years ago

    Electronics and communication engineer here

  • Jondoe Harris 2 years ago

    Remember the National Geographic special titled, “Blackout”?

    SPOILER ALERT: The majority of people die within 10 days.


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